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PSSSST! Forum Newsletter, Vol. 68 - Summertime, And the Livin is Easy


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If I had to see it, so do all of you. Welcome PST fam to another infamous double issue of your favourite trophy-related site newsletter! Hope this summer heat is treating you all well ^-^ Don't forget to wear your sunscreen and possibly a hat if you're the pasty kind of pasty that gets a sunburn even when it's cloudy outside. The struggle is real. As you may have noticed, we didn't do a newsletter for June for a few reasons, so we are combining both June and July into one big fancy, jam-packed edition! Can never go wrong with anything jam/jelly filled... maybe. Don't hold me to that because some of y'all are gross and will inevitably mention something that should absolutely not be filled with jam or jelly just to be petty. I see you. If you're not one to go outside into the heat, staying in doors and watching Stranger Things is a great way to pass the time from what I've heard. For those who have watched this latest season, enjoy this jam and no, I'm not sorry for getting it stuck in your head. Welcome to the dark side. 


Turning to more somber news, since our last newsletter, we have lost a pinnacle member of our community and it would be wrong to not give it mention here for those who may have missed the news. At the beginning of June, we lost our dear friend and brother, @kfree7. We do have a memorial thread going for him which his family does check/read, so if you'd like to leave some kind words or condolences, please don't hesitate to do so. Thank you again @Darth_Krid for putting the thread together and putting words where a lot of us just didn't have any. 


Without further ado, let's get this double issue going.





If you haven't been paying attention to the color-changing happenings around the site, you may have missed a long-time staffer has stepped down from his post as resident robot. The following is from his team announcing his departure:

"After over 10 years service with the Guide Team, 8 of which as the lead, @Terminator has decided to program out his PST Staff functions. I’d love to pull out some stats to tell you all just how much he has contributed to the team over the years but I wouldn’t begin to know how to measure the impact he’s had on the site. I don’t think that’d be necessary though, as if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen him absolutely everywhere fixing guides and helping people, Thankfully he’s shown no sign of slowing down on the latter. I think I speak for everyone when I say thank you, @Terminator, for your service. Enjoy your retirement!"


The Guide Team has done their best to step up and handle business as T would have wanted them to, and that of course includes sweeping the approving the guides that come across their desk. There was no short of guides these past two months, so please give a hand to those members who have contributed to the site in this regard:


A Street Cat's Tale by @Velvet

Dogfight by @Kunegunda_GoRyl

Dungeon Color by @Slamma
Evil Dead: The Game by @luffybuggy

Hidden Shapes: Animals + Lovely Cats by @Velvet

Lake by @Velvet
Lawn Mowing Simulator by @Velvet

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure by @themindisacity

Sniper Elite 5 by @Easty

Sonic Origins by @luffybuggy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge by @Mendel

The Quarry by @Viper
Unpacking by @Velvet

Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong by @ixii
Webbed by @Velvet

And last but not least, for all of you guide writers and prospective guide writers out there, there will be some exciting upcoming news, so stay tuned! Soon™





There is not a single thing going on in the Arena. Nope, not one single thing. =p


Quite a bit has actually happened since the last newsletter, but first things first, we have a goodbye/hello to do. Our beloved @Easty has officially hung up his ED hat after just under 4 long years and is stepping down from the team. This wasn't an easy decision, but we all respect his choice and wish him nothing but the best on his future non-ED ventures. He was a really big part of some fantastic events throughout the years and his absence already hurts. They say you never really step down from ED, especially if you remain active on the site, so who knows, maybe he'll change his mind someday down the road... let a girl hold out some hope, will ya?! Side note, it's also his birthday today, so what a day to actually announce this, lol. Tell him happy birthday or the bunny gets it >:[ You can expect some goodies to pop up in the Arena on his behalf, as is tradition, so stay tuned for those shenanigans. If you've been participating in any of the Plat Dashes recently or the Tribute event, you will have undoubtedly already noticed that in Easty's stead, @Road2unner has joined the ranks of people to abuse with ezpz trophies that ruin events the Event Directors! There's hitting the ground running, and then there's hitting the ground and running circles around us old folks, and he's no short of done the latter. We all have had a spark re-lit within us with him coming on board, so quite excited to see what happens in the Arena during the remainder of 2022 and beyond! 


The Trophy-a-Day event is still going strong! We haven't lost anyone since our dear Ashbo a couple of months ago, though @diskdocx had arguably the closest call in the history of close calls during events. Barely squeezed it in, but it counts! As of today, 13 participants still remain as we cross over the halfway mark. I smell a sabotage event in the works. You all have it too easy!


Moving on to those glorious Platinum Dash events, we're doing our best to always keep a few of these going at once for those who don't necessarily want to participate in the big fancy site events, but still want a chance at an event-related award. Since the last newsletter, the Gran Turismo 7 Dash finished up after the final legendary car finally became available in the shop! Congratulations to @staytrue1985, @MickeyMix, @honda hoe (<3), @iLion, and @The Alchemist on being the first five to submit their completions! This Dash only had five spots so that finishes up GT7. Look, I know you guys think Deep Rock Galactic is just grindy af, and you're not wrong, but it's also really fun (my mom even says so T-T). @Terminator has been the first member to earn the plat for this Dash, but there are still three spots open (soon to be two!), so if you're still on that dwarven grind, you probably still have plenty of time to get this done. Rock and Stone!... *crickets*... ahem... Most recently, we started the Sonic Origins Platinum Dash before even knowing if it had a Platinum, so that was an interesting situation. Thankfully it worked out and @Jerry Appleby did not claim a spot in the top five, but @luffybuggy and @MidnightDragonDX have! Fun fact, which I still can't believe even though she's been pretty active for a good minute across the site, this will be Midnight's first event-related award ever. I keep doing a double take because it's blowing my mind, but hey, first time for everything! There are still three spots available for Sonic Origins, so you haven't played it or maybe you did and didn't know about the dash, do check out the thread and if you can, signup! Congratulations to everyone who snagged a spot in one and good luck to those vying for one. We do have another Dash coming up this month (July) which is dear to my heart (which also translates that I'm already DQ'd from it lmao T-T) and may or may not be free for everyone with a PS+ sub (Extra and Premium tiers), so keep an eye out for when that thread goes up. 


At the time of writing this (and for just over another week), the Trophy Tribute 2: Ragnarok event is currently going on! The Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks, and Norse...s... Norsei... I'm being told it's just Norse... have returned to be appeased by the trophy hunters of .org! It's been a hella busy month full of lots of bronze trophies, lots of animal-related trophies, and lots of little trophy ding sounds in my head signaling "new future event rule" every time I process a submission from @Martz. Mostly spelling related rules. You can thank him later. As of right now, the Greeks are in the lead by one point, with the Egyptians in a close second, Aztecs in third, with Norse not too far behind. You guys have done a bloody fantastic job with this event, so we're excited to see how it all ends and which team comes out on top!  


The Toughest Boss of All-Time Poll Tournament will be coming to a close shortly with the finals currently being voted on. It's between Lou (from Guitar Hero) and Ruby Weapon (FF VII), so be sure to cast your vote in the voting thread to decide the overall winner of this long-running poll tourney! #TeamLou 


@Xander45 should be happy to know that we have a few Custom Lists coming out this month and next, then of course the finally finished revamped Club idea (look, we can be really indecisive at times, it happens, apologies for the delay, lol). We are also looking at giving the Green Room some long overdue love for those who have remained as subs on .org, so keep an eye on that forum should you have access to it. What else... got the lists, got the clubs, Billy says hi, subs getting loves... yeah I think that's about it! 







Hello fellow PSTers!


Just two small pieces of news from the GFX squad this month (which is still a nice breather from just a semi-random gif):



  • As you might have noticed, we've swapped some of the section headers for this newsletter following the recent changes in staff and to reflect that all members of a team can write for their respective section. We were too busy worshiping ancient gods (or tallying the tributes 👀) to find witty catchphrases, but they'll probably be added at some point. Soon™
  • Our latest recruit might be brewing a little something to challenge the community. Stay tuned!









As is quickly becoming tradition for the newsletter, we'd like to take this time to highlight some of our member's trophy accomplishments, milestones, and overall badassery. This is our chance to acknowledge those member's that might not always be active in the Arena just to say hey, we see you, and we like what you're doing ^-^ 

@Viper: (P) #275: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (this was also @danc's #571 and @JMeeks #562)

@Deceiver: Not only earned the Persona 5 (P), but also hit the 12,000 trophy milestone and finished Genshin Impact for (P) #220!

@Mike0284: Earned the Uncharted !II: Drake's Deception (P) after 10 long years!

@Naps: After 3 years of grinding, finally killed the 5,000 Dozabots required for the Okabu (P) 

@JMeeks: (P) #540 goes to Horizon: Forbidden West

@Meikoro: :psn: 100% in Tower of Guns (fun game, you should all play this!)

@Barra333: Running fresh from GT7, made (P) #50 GT Sport!

@Baron Bonk: Speaking of GT7, this was (P) #74!

@Martz: (P) #350 goes to DiRT 5!

@Spurs Ben 316: Keeping it old school, (P) #375 goes to Spec Ops: The Line

@Easty: A fantastic (P) #1000 milestone with Horizon: Forbidden West!

Rounding out the members with milestones and the best trophy screenshot from June/July is @MidnightDragonDX with Sonic Origins as (P) #83, that (P) also being trophy #4000, and the top screenshot with Super Saiyan Sonic ^-^







If you'd like to submit your trophy happenings and screenshots, feel free to do so at the links below. We're also looking through the "last gaming death" thread to find some juicy ones as they come up, so if you have a good one, let us know!

Platinum/Trophy Accomplishments

Trophy Screenshot Thread (PS4)

Trophy Screenshot Thread (PS5)

Trophy Screenshot Thread (Vita)

Your Last Gaming Death





That'll just about do it, folks! Bit of long one this time around, but we'll get back to the monthly newsletters starting in August. We will have plenty to talk about with that one so no need for a double issue. As always, may your games remain unglitched, your platinums remain shiny, and your trophies be plentiful. Oh and also, the original Space Jam movie is still fantastic so you should all go rewatch it again. That is all. V out!




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Posted (edited)

Iva feeling that @Tuffinzdidn't want her holiday snaps sharing with the forum, but here we are.


44 minutes ago, Velvet said:

Don't hold me to that because some of y'all are gross and will inevitably mention something that should absolutely not be filled with jam or jelly just to be petty.


Errrr...nothing should be jelly filled? That's just weird. You have it on its own, maybe with some ice cream on the side but you don't put it in anything. Silly.


Genuinely staggered that @Terminatorhas stepped down...I thought we'd have to pry the site's final server from his cold machine hands once everyone else has left. Having served on the Guide Team under him for so long, it's impossible to describe the work this titanium skeleton put into the site and guides over the years. I've never seen a more dedicated staff member, probably on site or off :p. If anyone deserves to enjoy retirement, it's him. Thank you so much for all your efforts and personally for all the guidance and support you gave me. You'll be immensely missed. Feel free to take a long holiday though, that post count gap isn't as easy to close these days ;)


Farewell too @Eastyand thanks for all your ED work 👀 Now you'll find some time to earn trophies as I know you've struggled massively with that over the past few years!

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2 hours ago, Velvet said:

Thankfully [...] @Jerry Appleby did not claim a spot in the top five


You seem overly happy to say this... :(  :chair: :rant:  Rather it would make more sense to say that I could be in the top 5, but chose to DQ myself by starting it early.


Also thanks to this thread I only just found out that Terminator and Easty have stepped down. :pout:  What a bummer. :( I hope you two will still contribute lots here even though you're not on staff anymore!


Who will be taking over as Guide Team Lead?

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8 minutes ago, Jerry Appleby said:


You seem overly happy to say this... :(  :chair: :rant:  Rather it would make more sense to say that I could be in the top 5, but chose to DQ myself by starting it early.




It gave me a reason to tag you =p

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Thank you, @Velvet , for that lovely introduction! Running circles around the "old" folks - you're making me laugh and blush at the same time. Excellent read, as always!


Happy birthday-adjacent day, @Easty! I was sorry to see you step down. We have a great team, but it was better with you in it. Thank you for the work you've done and I'll try my best to help the team to make the upcoming events even more enjoyable, for you and everyone else!


I was as surprised as everyone else to see @Terminator step down. T has been one of the pillars of this site for as long as I can remember. Reading every comment on every guide and reminding authors to keep them updated with any new information. Very thorough and very methodical in making PST's guides simply the best. Thanks for the great work!

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your immense service to the site, @Terminator. Absolutely amazing work, it was almost like a full-time job for you. It's mind-boggling really to think about just how much effort and dedication you put into it. As just one of the many, many people you have helped over the years, a massive thank you, your work will always be hugely appreciated. Please take a well-deserved rest for yourself mate! 


Thanks @Easty for your hard work and dedication. At least now you'll have the time to pursue some quite frankly ridiculous platinums us mere mortals will never come close to getting. Oh wait, you did that anyway!? Nevermind, carry on... 


Welcome @Road2unner. I can see you're already doing a smashing job in your new role. Best of luck and long may it continue. 


Christ, @Velvet. I almost gagged my lunch looking at that main banner image 🤢




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Great read as always...with tons of info.


Congrats to all the folks that got a mention for their work/accomplishments.


Welcome to the staff @Road2unner...


Thanks to @Eastyfor your hard work and enjoy your day!


And there hasn't been a tool invented that could measure the amount of work that @Terminatorhas done for this site over the years. Just a simple thanks doesn't seem to  do you justice for all your time and dedication...enjoy your retirement. 

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Great read @Velvet as usual.


A massive thank you to @Terminator for all that you’ve done for the site, your contribution is immense and will always be there for all to see and benefit from. Big pat on the back for @Easty to who has contributed to countless events and the forum in general. Hopefully both of you will continue to be a presence around the forum.

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Can't believe T is stepping down. I don't think I'd ever see the day. I figured he'd go down with the ship. Thanks for everything you did for the site @Terminator, I know how much effort you put into it and how much you did during my time with the staff. Going to be a huge hole to try to fill with your absence.

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Excellent read!!!


I'm still shocked T has stepped down. Saw the colour change a while ago and legitimately thought my old laptop was acting up again or something lol @Terminatorhas done SO MUCH for the site over the years and you can see all the hard work and effort he put in pretty much anywhere on the site. Thank you for everything you have done for the site, and I hope you enjoy your retirement!


Also wanted to thank @Eastyfor all of the stuff he has done (happy belated birthday too :P) and welcome @Road2unner!

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Since it was a milestone, wanted it to be memorable. I quickly found out you HAD to be Sonic for the Super Sonic trophy, so I played through Sonic 1-3 with Tails (managing to get Super Tails in S3&K as well), then got the trophy with Sonic after I finished everything else. Since Carnival Night is my favorite Sonic 3 and Knuckles zone (though they fucked up the music for it in this game), felt it was fitting to make it there. I'm getting closer to my 100th. While I haven't decided what it'll be, I know when I'd like it to be. 

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On 7/7/2022 at 2:11 AM, Velvet said:

We do have another Dash coming up this month (July) which is dear to my heart (which also translates that I'm already DQ'd from it lmao T-T) and may or may not be free for everyone with a PS+ sub (Extra and Premium tiers), so keep an eye out for when that thread goes up.


John Travolta confused gif by GreeNanImator on DeviantArt

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