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Vita fell down, now Memory card doesn't work anymore


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Hey guys, the title is pretty much self explenatory. My Vita just fell down and seemingly dislocated the memory card for the lack of a better word. It actually wasn't a huge impact at all but I was surprised to read the notice. Thing is I didn't even pay much attention about the exact wording of the memory card and just clicked ok. But now it seems that the memory card cannot be read anymore. 

Luckily enough I've made a back up save of my game and missed just about 30 minute progress. But the game is not the issue now anymore. The bigger issue is that my Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate game is gone from the Vita's XMB. I wanted to see how far this problem extends as I cannot seem to read any save data on the system. So I tried loading an older game, Uncharted Golden Abyss. And it tells me to start that game I need to insert a Memory card. But the memory card is inside. My question is now if there's a way to fix things and if yes, how?

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Saw this on Reddit...


Have you tried this?

Turn off your Vita completely.

Turn on your Vita by pressing the PS button, R, and the power button at the same time. The Vita should boot in Safe Mode (you'll see five options to choose from).

Choose option 2 "Rebuild Database" (or something like that, not sure about the exact wording) and wait for it to finish (might take a couple of minutes).

Your Vita should now recognize your memory card. If it doesn't, something is likely to be broken (either the memory card itself or the slot). But to be absolutely sure, you should definitely try another memory card to identify the problem.

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Thanks for the tip. Didn't know something like this is possible. Managed to get it working after quite while in the end. It wasn't anything clever but rather persistance. Several turn off/turn on alterations and card in and out didn't do the trick. Like a real moron I couldn't think of anything else so I continued this until at some point it recognized my Memory Card again. Really weird. But thanks still. That's a very good thing to know.^^

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