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PST Quick Time Event! - Make A House A Home ~ Discussion


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Great news, kiddos, the EDs have bought a house! Unfortunately, due to the atrocious housing market, we spent all of our savings on it, leaving nothing left over to actually furnish the place. But that's where you guys come in! We are enlisting your help to furnish, decorate, and assist in making our little house a home. Put on your interior designed hat, ready your trophies, and check out the rules in the submission thread to see how you can help!



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5 minutes ago, honda hoe said:


just look for a random image on google with 1 vacuum


who would know the difference?


silly rule

It's also not a picture of (multiple) spaces devoid of matter, but instead a vacuum cleaner. Slammadolf will not be impressed. Just giving Germain a warning!


And I was conscious of that so left enough clues in my picture to make it obvious it was me :p



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