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Strange bug with Vita trophies on PSN


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So I have LBP Vita and Minecraft, the trophies show up on my vita, but on PSN and my ps3, they don't, like not even the game is shown.


I realized just now, that both games where bugged to be the full versions, I had the demos for both, but they where registered as full games.


So I'm gonna be getting physical copies, (I choose physical whenever possible, in this case, both games are about 20$) and hope my saves and trophy data will work with the physicals.


Still kind of strange.

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Do you have another vita memory? In that case, create another profile and "simulate" the situation with the other account instead of yours to see what happens, sadly ps3 and vita after some updates have horrible glitches or performance issues, my ps3 after some updates from around later 2014 started being a little slower in the menu and i cant open trophies in the menu while in a game, or else there a chance the game will crash, no matter the game.

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