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2 trophies popped randomly


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So on my first run of the game. We stopped at mission 6. So only did the first 5 missions as a hacker. Second run my new partner needed the Agent trophies so I continued playing with the hacker. As did my very mission as the hacker again the trophy for completing all mission popped given that I still didn’t finish the last mission as a hacker. So we finished the run got my trophy for beating mission 6. Switched roles. Completing the first mission as an agent it gave me complete all mission with both agents. Again I only completed all of them with the hacker 1-5 twice, mission 6 once. And only mission 1 as an agent. Not sure if it’s because I have completed them twice with hacker but last one and once with an agent game saw that I have done all twice gave me the trophy for completing all of them. Not sure what the hell happened but I thought I share what I have encountered. 

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