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Using capture cards on 360


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I haven't tried recording any 360 games yet, but after a bunch of Google I am still unsure how it works on this thing. It seems people like to use PC's in conjunction with recording but I don't. If I'm understanding correctly, the system blocks HD recording like the PS3 so you have to use a PC or splitter? Do I have that right? Would using component/composite cables then work like it does on PS3? 


ADD: Wait a minute, I just remembered I had an old launch 360 and thus the component cables as well. So I just grit my teeth and dug the (newer non-RROD version) 360 out from my TV cabinet to try both ways myself... And it turns out the 360 DOESN'T block HD recording for games at least anyway. I don't know why every source I found said you had to hook the HD cable to a PC or a splitter, because you don't.


ADD 2: Okay, maybe I see why... The recordings will have some HDCP code in them, so you have to use the right settings when/if you convert them to usable formats like I do to avoid getting blocked footage, so it took me a few tries. NOTE: Stickghost may not actually be as technically literate as he acts.

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