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PST Quick Time Event! - Ashbolute Scenes! ~ Submissions


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It's not just birthday time for a staff member, it's BIG BIRTHDAY time for one of our beloved staff members! While some staff recently turned 30, our favourite colour fanatic himself, Ashbo, is turning the big 4-0! We asked him if he'd like to celebrate his big day with a QTE and without hesitation, he gladly accepted the invitation. He's got quite the tasks for you guys to complete, so see below on exactly what you'll need to do to get your credit for this QTE!




When does the QTE start?

  • If you can see this post, the QTE has already started!
  • Ends on January 16th, 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC
  • Countdown to the End


What must I know in order to participate?

  • To participate, you need to have joined the site on (or before) December 14th, 2021 AND have over 50 posts. This is restricted to playstationtrophies.org members ONLY. Becoming a Subscriber negates the post count and join date requirements.
  • We're not going to limit the number of people who can submit. Anyone that wants to participate, and meets the requirements, can submit.


So...what are the rules of the event?

  • This will be a 3-part QTE. Ashbo has requested that you:
    • Take a screenshot of a party in a game. Some sort of celebration must be the main focal point of the screenshot and be "happy" party themed. 
    • Earn 82 trophies as a community with a .org rarity % of 40% of less. You must earn at least 2 trophies for this part to be eligible. 
    • Ashbo is a social butterfly, so of course, he wants to know all about you! Tell Ashbo 13 things about yourself, be it ice breakers, general knowledge, or even some nitty gritty personal details. Small talk can be the best kind of talk and the birthday boy wants to hear it all!


How do I sign-up/submit?

  • You do not need to sign up for the QTE. All you need to do is submit your entry via the Submission Thread when you've met the requirements.
  • Only submissions entered between January 14th, 2022 00:00:00 UTC and January 16th, 2022 23:59:59 UTC will be accepted.
  • When creating your submission, please follow the example submission post below.
  • The submission thread will be locked shortly after the event is over.
  • Any submissions that come in after 23:59:59 on January 16th, 2022 will only be accepted if the delay was caused by the profile syncing on .org's side. 
  • For any trophy-related submission, please use your .org Trophy Log.


Example Submission said:

PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Blood_Velvet/log




(We will reverse image search you so no cheating... this is just an example so cheating it allowed, lol)


Under 40% rarity trophies:


Trophy #1: #21732

Trophy #2: #21733

13 Things:

Sample questions if you can’t think of anything to say about yourself:

- How's the weather?
- What's your favourite colour?
- Is Mayo a colour?
- What's your favourite game?
- What consoles you do you own?
- What's your favourite music genre?
- Favourite band/artist?
- Favourite song? 
- Favourite food?
- What's been your favourite event on the site?
- Did you remember to tell Ashbo happy birthday?
- Have you been able to snag a PS5 yet? 
- What was your latest Platinum?
- What is your favourite Platinum?
- What is your proudest Platinum?
- What is your most shameful Platinum? 
- What is your longest Platinum?
- What is your shortest Platinum? 

- How many different questions can we come up for Platinums?

Time Zone Details


If you are unsure of your time zone, then please check one of these websites to make sure you know what time the event begins:


Time Zone Converter - Time & Time Zone Conversion


The World Clock – Time Zones




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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Darth_Krid/log


Under 40% rarity trophies:


Trophy #1: #27737

Trophy #2: #27738






13 things:


1. As a fellow Northerner, I absolutely love pies, but I love gravy even more. Can I have some of yours?

2. I've never told you this, but you and I live close by. I'd love to show you around and visit the local park. There's loads of ducks there, you can learn about ducking.

3. I want you to take me down an alley darker than your memes.

4. I know you love your graphics. I don't mind if you use your Paint on me or want to bring out the GIMP.

5. Two things you love the most are your mum and EZPZs. You'll love me even more then, because I'm EZPZ just like her.

6. There are few better duos than Ashbo and milestones. I've got something extra special planned for our 17th date.

7. I hope you like my Glitterball above, it took me ages to find something party-themed that you'd like. I'm going to call it Gary.

8. It doesn't matter if Mayo is a colour or not, because you'll find mine is off the (RAL) chart.

9. My favourite idea for an Ashbo cosplay would be a wounded rhino. Because I'd love you to charge at me.

10. This is number 10, which reminds me of my favourite Ashism which is "X...AS 10!" I still don't know what it's 10 of, but I think that's the point. Confusing as 10! 🤣

11. If you're still reading this, post a GIF which summarises your current feelings based on things #1-#10 so far. Let's face it, you've stopped reading all these at about #4 haven't you?

12. Starting to struggle for material now, having a little giggle imaginging some people's faces reading this though. A rather confused frown tinged with disappointment because this isn't the template they were hoping to copy. Although if they are reading they'll still have got further than you (see #11). Oh yeah, I still need to say something about myself. Errr...MY FAVOURITE SCENES ARE THE ABSOLUTE ONES! 🤷‍♂️

13. *Best Cilla Black voice* Finally Ash, I have one question for you. If we did ever meet (it would have to be by accident at this point, see #2) and we did hit it off and things...developed; what would be our first dance considering no song you like has any words?

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Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Jerry_Appleby/log





Party Screenshot: Sending to staytrue on PSN as my computer will not process images anymore. :( 



13 Questions/Facts: 

1. The weather is Cloudy and Rainy today, perfect for doing nothing but gaming on my day off :D 
2. My favourite colours are Red and Green. Preferably a bright red and green, not dark or pukey coloured.
3. I own a bunch of gaming consoles: Sega Genesis, N64, Gamecube, DS, DS Lite (which I won in a Mario Kart competition), 3DS XL, Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4, and PSV.
4. The DS Lite that I won is 1 of only 500 in existence. It's a Pikachu DS Lite that was only available via a lottery draw in Japan! The game I won it on was Mario Kart DS, and my online record in that game is over 500 wins and under 30 losses! I retired from that game as one of the best players in Canada!

5. I'm not planning on getting a PS5. I said that before and I still want to stick to that choice. Not happy in the direction that gaming is heading towards.

6. The number 6 is the first "Perfect" number, which in math terms means that if you take all of it's divisors excluding itself (1, 2 and 3), they add up to that number. The next perfect number is 28 (1+2+4+7+14), after that the next one doesn't appear until 496, then 8128. So unfortunately you'll never be perfect again in your lifetime Ashbo. ;) 

7. Happy Birthday Ashbo. I still regret helping you do the Witness challenge via shareplay, especially since you left the room and didn't even witness the (P) popping. :rolleyes:

8. I'm currently working on Watch Dogs Legion. Not enjoying it as much as the first game, I find the characters are almost all annoying hipsters in the 2nd game as well as this one. Plus, their accents are so annoying and sound almost like fake accents in some situations.

9. I don't think Mayo should be considered a colour, but one thing relating to this weird fascination with condiments is that I despise them in general. I won't eat anything with mayo on it, nor ketchup, mustard, relish, or really any condiment. Probably the only thing that could be considered a condiment that I would actually ingest is maple syrup.

10. I haven't played much piano lately (both at home and at the pubs) or done any recordings as I've been too busy with work. I've been trying to get back into it now that holidays are done though!

11. I've been trying to enjoy sports despite the whole bs going on in the world, but the last few games I've had tickets to have been cancelled, so I haven't got to see a live event since like October, which is annoying as I'd usually see a game in person almost every week or 2!

12. I wish RL games had chosen a different name for their company, as my dog (who is 10+ now) is named Laika and it frustrates me seeing a company like RL disrespecting the hero Russian dog from which the name was derived from. Plus with my pure hatred of EZPZ, having a dog that sounds related to it really annoys me even more!

13. The original screenshot I sent staytrue for this QTE is totally NSFW so it probably won't get shown here, but it's a certain type of "party" that your character gets invited to in Watch Dogs 2, so hopefully he'll create an imgur for it and send it to you for a good laugh :rofl: 


ST: The picture in question is in the spoiler. I hope you an Ashbo have a long conversation about this one. I'm sure he is dying to hear your thoughts!






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PST Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/slammajamma28/log


Under 40% rarity

#13593 - #13599 (7)


Absolute Scenes

Party scene in spoiler


Pregaming for the party




Dance off with the bros



Fekin lightweights over here, guess I'll have to finish off the round I bought for them




13 Things

  1. I tested positive for COVID over a week ago and I miss the smell of things.
  2. I was able to order a PS5 and it came in the same day we were going out of town to Vegas.
  3. I played blackjack at the Stratosphere... I started with $50 and left with $200. I think I was down $200 from gambling at a local casino in college, so I guess I'm even so far in life.
  4. Orange is my favorite color. I decided in 5th grade or so that it was my color, and I've worn orange nearly every single day since.
  5. I have an orange rubber bracelet that I have been wearing since 2009.
  6. I used to say Fallout was my most favorite game series. But after Fallout 4 and then Fallout 76, and now that I might never play another Fallout game again... can't say that's true anymore.
  7. Nearly every morning, I make a "Sausage Egg McMuffin with Cheese" - I have a little breakfast sandwich maker. While it will never be as good as McDonald's, it is far cheaper.
  8. The last concert I attended was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was awesome.
  9. I am enjoying Deep Rock Galactic, but there ain't no way in hell I'm going to get to gold promotion with 4 dwarves.
  10. I really feel like I am good at "fake it til you make it", though I'm still feel like I'm waiting to make it.
  11. Being a parent to 3 unruly children is truly the hardest thing I've ever done.
  12. If I could quit my day job and work on PST all day, I totally would.
  13. I love escape rooms, but apparently I've taken my wife to too many and now she is sick of them.
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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Da-Eastside/log





Under 40% rarity trophies:











13 Things:

  1. - @Ashbo so how does it feel being the oldest person on staff?
  2. - @Ashbo I personally wouldn't do that, but did you pop 40 plats on your Birthday or something?
  3. - @Ashbo my proudest gaming achievement outside of trophies was probably reaching the Top 100 Worldwide in Fifa Pro Clubs with my club, good times. What's yours?
  4. - @Ashbo how's your PS5? I see that you're feeding her with lots and lots of SPAM Classic, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6 ) by Spam [Foods] : Amazon.fr:  Epicerie, do you think it's healthy?
  5. - @Ashbo do you ever regret being a trophy hunter? I don't, as I played so many great games I wouldn't have played normally when all of this started, and now I see it as a way of enjoying games to the fullest, because otherwise I would do the story and move on to another game.
  6. - @Ashbo can you believe someone here on this very party absolutely DESPISES Ratalaika games, and this same person has a dog named Laika? lol
  7. - @Ashbo let's be honest, Ronaldo is finished. He's old as fuck (practically as old as you!) and he'll never win any major title anymore. How do you feel about him now since he's back to Utd? Personally if Benzema would come back to Lyon in 2-3 years I don't even know how I would feel, as he probably won't be as good as he is now so I'm really torn about this idea.
  8. - @Ashbo my favorite show is most likely Breaking Bad though I'm waiting on the last season of Better Call Saul as it feel like it'll probably be a better show overall, but the wait is killing me right now. Do you think they'll make another series in the BB universe after that? Nacho is a great character so why not? Though it depends on their fate at the end of BCS. I just hope they keep going with this universe as there are so many great characters.
  9. - @Ashbo hey buddy, so you have any more beers in the fridge? Because we're starting to running out of them quickly!
  10. - @Ashbo how's your Custom List going? Full of EZPZ I assume? 😛 I'm still waiting on people to join mine, no one joined it not even @Xander45 can you believe this? Maybe you could be the first person to join it?!
  11. - @Ashbo what games are you looking forward to this year? I'm looking forward to Horizon II and I can't believe it's just right around the corner! 
  12. - @Ashbo so what are you playing currently? I'm playing through Far Cry 6 PS4 version because I just finished it on PS5 and made it a double milestone, I love these games and will never understand why they always have bad reviews but I guess it's a trend to hate Ubisoft! I'm also playing through the GTA Trilogy Definitive edition and I must say it's a bit disappointing, it's only good because we have nostalgia but let's be honest it could've been way better, just look at how good the Mafia Remake is!
  13. - @Ashbo did you know I have both Wolfenstein II plats? Did you really think I wasn't going to mention Mein Leben at all? C'mon! :francis: 
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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/diskdocx/log





Under 40% Rarity Trophies: 49002-6, 49008-16


13 Things:

  1. I am married with 4 kids, 2 dogs and 5 fish
  2. I complain whenever my wife watches Hallmark movies, but I secretly enjoy them
  3. My first car was a Trans Am. Think KITT, not Smokey and the Bandit
  4. Futurama is better than The Simpsons
  5. According to TrueTrophies My Story, as of the end of 2020, I spend $117,163 on the games currently on my profile
  6. I have 232 physical Vita games
  7. Assuming I never buy another game, I am unlikely to live long enough to finish my current backlog
  8. I may no longer be married due to #5-7
  9. Point and Click is NOT a genre
  10. Reese Peanut Butter Cups ARE a chocolate bar
  11. It was -20 degrees outside today
  12. I look forward to one day being able to take a vacation again...somewhere warm
  13. Happy Birthday @Ashbo



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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/staytrue1985/log



Not as much colour as you might hope, but it's got a birthday cake and a birthday song :) 




Under 40% rarity trophies:


#13,162-#13,168, #13,170-#13172 (10)



13 Things:

  1. I hate Codemasters (you know this one was coming!) :D
  2. I love football and will chat to pretty much anyone about anything football related.
  3. The first concert I ever went to was a Britney Spears one.
  4. I one got sent home from school for cutting my own hair.
  5. I've had 7 major operations. Well actually one of them wasn't that major, so lets call it 6.
  6. In my (much) younger days I was very skilled at the arcade Dance Machines. DDR Forever!
  7. I despise all religion. 
  8. I work in IT. 
  9. The first console I ever owned that was actually mine was a Sega Master System II.
  10. I had my drink spiked about 6 or 7 years ago when out in town, and since then I don't really drink alcohol that much.
  11. I'm married to a southerner so it's a constant battle about when the heating should be allowed on. Just put a bloody jumper on if you're cold!
  12. I used to get into fights quite often at school (and even won one or two!). Apparently for some people this is not really a thing? Can't imagine a world where a young lad hasn't ever been involved in a proper scrap.
  13. My favourite band is Yellowcard. 



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Trophy Log:  https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/wrestlefanatic77/log - the 2 trophies will pop up here once this site's trophy log updates, which is probably later tonight sometime.




Grand Theft Auto V_20220115112922


Trophies under 40% rarity : #17,012 & #17,013


13 Things:


1. I love Astronomy

2. I love History

3. I love Video Games

4. I love watching the Minnesota Vikings (even though they can cause panic inducing heart attacks) and New Orleans Saints

5. I love to talk

6. I love to trophy hunt

7. I love to collect Wrestling autographs

8. Currently studying Law Enforcement in College

9. Currently attempting to study Astronomy as a minor in College

10. I love German Shephards

11. My favorite season of the year is Summer.

12. My second favorite season of the year is Fall

13. My least favorite season of the year is Winter by far.



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Added a quick explaination.
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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Meikoro/log


Under 40% rarity trophies:

#34793 - #34801





13. Things:


1. I was born in the Year 1988. It was the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Can you feel my Draonborn Soul? Wich Chinese Animal are you?

2. My Favorite Color is not Purple but Red. Since Red is a bit Agressive and i like Purple we go with that ok. But its a Secret between us Two. ;)

3. Can you Imagine? Back 2007 i was nearly Broke and have to sell some of my beloved Videogames. Goodbye LBP, No more Heroes and Vikings lol.

4. My Favorite Drink is Coca Cola. My Doctor says i have to much Sugar and be a Sweet Kid.

5. My Favorite Food are Spaghetti Bolognese. Favorite Snakcs Pringles.

6. No im not have 200 Pounds or whats your Weight Mass Index is? Its 93KG :D

7. I had about all Animals at Home. Cats,Dogs,Birds, Reptiles, Spiders, Drunks,Homeless and other Things.

8. I plan to Build a Rooftop Apartment in 2022. I will buy a new Shelf and if you nice ask i get a Slot free for you.

9. My Favorite Song Genres are (J)-Pop,Metal,Rock but i hear anything.

10. This is one of the Mosts Hidden Things i can tell you here so keep it Safe: I have a Last Name: Hyobanshi.

11. No you can't find me on google Maps with that.

12. You old so you will maybe knwo that. Sony was asking before the PSN was going Online if we want to Register our PSN Names.

      I had my Name long ago but i was thinking if i should use my Last name too.

13. Yes The Hyobanshi Person on PSN are me. You have your Answer from 12. Thats 13. Facts about me, and no silly Drunken Thinks from other Party Guests :D

Edited by Meikoro
Added more Trophies.
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Trophy log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/lion1325478/log


Screenshot: Very casual dance mat and PC gaming party taking place


Under 40% trophies: (11,090 - 11,108) & (11,112 - 11,222)


13 Things:

1 - I turn 32 this year so your 8 years my senior @Ashbo

2 - Back in 2017-2018 our (P) counts were comparative from memory. Not so much these days

3 - I currently have covid so knocking out these trophies for your birthday event was easy as literally all I’ve done this weekend is game.

4 - My favourite food is also Spaghetti Bolognaise like @Meikoro

5 - You should probably give Bloodborne another shot

6 - My party screenshot could’ve be much better if I could edit in your birthday date instead of the one shown. Unfortunately I have no creative skills

7 - I’ve decided to try and start buying more physical games again this year as my physical game collection is pitiful considering how long I’ve gamed for

8 - Once when out in London having dinner Lenny Henry sat on the table next to us and he asked me how the jerk chicken was. He went ahead and ordered it after I told him it was good 😎

9 - I’ve never broken a bone. Worse thing I’ve done is having to have stitches down the side of my leg after cutting it open.

10 - The whole Marvel films craze goes completely over my head as the only superhero movies I’ve watched were the Bale Batman films and the Maguire Spider-Man films.

11 - I’ve got both Elden Ring and GT7 on preorder which is the first time I’ve preordered a game in a few years and it’s probably been over 5 years since I’ve had more than 1 on preorder in a calendar year.

12 - I’ve been playing 5 a side football on pretty much on a weekly basis for about 6 months now and my fitness is still shite

13 - My cat clawed my hand while I’ve been typing this out

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UPSN ID: kyorml007 


Trophy Log


Trophies: 15,082, 15,083, 15,084, 15,085, 15,088, 15,095, 15,096, 15,097, 15,098, 

15,099, 15,100, 15,101.




13 things:


1.  My favorite color is blue. 

2. Not as old as you, but this year I go 37. 

3. Pepsi > Coke, although I will never say no to Coke. 

4. Really thankful for that borrowed stuff, you rock. 

5. I really wish my company invite us from Mexico to the RHCP concert later this year. I known they have basically free passes, as they own the place. 

6. I much prefer single player games, but the few times I have played mp games with people here I had a blast. 

7. I'm one of those few odd people that is not too much into sports. Maybe football once in while. 

8. I will admit right now I did not knew anything about this requirement for the QTE, only after entering the submission thread is that I found out. 

9. I suuuuuck at FPS games. 

10. I have always wanted to visit the UK. Any place you recommend? 

11. Lately, because of Covid, I've been enjoying staying at home more than ever. My wife no so much. 

12. I have not taken the Christmas decorations out. 

13. I miss drinking a beer with the buddies, but you know, Covid. 

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Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/stgermain/log






Under 40% rarity trophies:


#34388-#34398, #34424-#34428


13 Things:


1. I turn 38 this month, in just over one week from this post.

2. I'm terrible at small talk.

3. My first video game system was the NES.

4. I used to play little league baseball. I was terrible at it.

5. When I was a child, I dressed up as Mario for Halloween, and won "best costume".

6. This past THL was the first time that I actually attempted to make signatures.

7. I was glad to see that THL was back. The signatures are one of my favorite parts of THL.

8. I attempting to earn a platinum each day this year. Wish me luck.

9. I'm afraid of heights.

10. I would like to visit the UK one day.

11. I enjoy Japanese games, especially RPGs.

12. I'm horrible at FPS's, especially in online multiplayer.

13. I'm really struggling to think about 13 things.

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Happy Birthday Ash!


https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/barra333/log - 3074, 3075, 3076




Some facts:

1. Before I had kids, I used to travel a lot - something like 40 countries between 2001 and 2016

2. Kids are a time sink

3. I've also held work permits for 4 countries

4. I've crossed the Atlantic 3 times by ship

5. I never owned a PS4

6. I got a PS5 on launch day

7. GT7 will is my first pre-order since GTA V for PS3

8. Despite everything, I only got my first COVID test 2.5 weeks ago

9. I also turn 40 this year

10. 10 years ago, I had never heard of the city I now live in

11. I was once a nationally ranked (field) hockey umpire in Australia (top 50-ish)

12. I wasn't the best umpire in my family

13. Its late and Im going to bed.



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Happy aspirationbirthday!


Have some canapes :)




And some trophies with a rarity of under 40%, according to .org.  In fact, have 21 of them!:


#33,783 - 33,767 / 33,764 / 33,761 / 33,759 - 33,758 / 33,756



And 13 things about me (with some bonus ones!):


1) I am younger than you.

2) I'm a natural blonde.

3) My first video game system was my brother's NES.  My first video game system that was mine was the SNES.

4) I played JV tennis in high school.

5) Dogs > cats, but I love them both. 

6) Aioli > mayo

7) I can't cook, but I'm pretty good at baking cookies and brownies.

8 ) I went to grad school in England, where I got an MSc in psychology

9) @diskdocxis wrong in his opinion on point and clicks.

10) Freezer chocolate - for example, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - is amazing.

11) I have a few books I want to write, but probably never will, because they're likely too niche

12) I'm unemployed, dammit

13) I don't actually know the context of absolute scenes other than the fact that it's iconic Ashbo.


Edited by themindisacity
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Log: stpatty's Trophy Log | PlayStationTrophies.org


#10568 - #10577






Ed - just in case someone decides that's not a party




1. Many years later I still get you and @AshtimusPrime mixed up.

2. Although I know you like House music:

3. I have a headache

4. I'm off work this week

5. Whenever I think of 'scenes' I think of Hazel Irvine who I think was the first person I heard use the term

6. Across the message boards I post on that are currently still online and running I have a total of 170,258 posts

7. I have never eaten fish

8. It's been more than ten years since I last kissed a girl

9. I'm going to be eating the sweets and chocolate I got for Christmas until at least June, and I'm not going to gain a pound

10. I have a milestone birthday this year and I'm looking forward to the mental breakdown I have

11. I restrung and played my guitar yesterday for the first time in about three years

12. When I was still in school I'd writer reviews of albums I listened to and games I played and post them on my Bebo and sometimes I think if I'd kept doing that and used emerging media platforms like youtube I'd have been able to make a living from it, but we've reached a point of saturation with the format now and it's not going to happen

13. One of the things I've posted here isn't true

Edited by stpatty
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Log - https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Martz4040/log

#10726, 10727 10728

Party Screenshot



13 things about me

1. I'm going to be a Dad for the first time soon.
2. Every week, I will draw a random country and find a recipe from that country to cook.
3. Last month I watched the Harry Potter films and then went to see the Cursed Child in the theatre.
4. I am currently going through the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films.
5. My favourite drink is pepsi max.
6. I love everything to do with the NFL and I'm a season ticket holder for the London games. I'm writing this while watching an NFL playoff game.
7. I've visited 30+ countries.
8. I've sided with samsung over iphone, my tv is also samsung.
9. I asked my partner to tell me a random fact about me and she said she didn't know who I am.
10. My favourite colour is purple.
11. The album I listened to the most last year was Tom Grennan's. 

12. I bought a house last year.
13. I've had lots of training on how to drive to the highest standards.

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Balloons - check

Fireworks - check

Killer robots - check


That's a party if I've ever been to one:


(I wonder if GETH being capitalised is a Mass Effect reference. Probably not, too meta.)

  1. Due to intermittent thaw and cold it’s pretty much an ice rink on the streets here.
  2. I fell during my evening walk two days ago.
  3. I spent the following 10 minutes thinking why these days it’s somewhat acceptable to laugh when someone falls and hurts themselves.
  4. I came to a conclusion it’s because fail videos have used people falling as filler for years, due to lack of better content, thus making that association. Nope, doesn’t work on me. Somehow I’ve gained the curse of empathy.
  5. It was late and the streets were empty - no one laughed.
  6. I’ve had someone laugh at me falling before, though.
  7. I must admit, that situation was somewhat comical and they apparently felt a bit bad about it.
  8. Maybe there is some hope for mankind.
  9. Probably not.
  10. I got an induction hob last week.
  11. Still can’t believe how fast that thing is.
  12. And shiny.
  13. Apparently I’m not in the mood to share too many personal details today, but whenever you’re in town, @Ashbo, shoot me a DM and we can discuss life over a pint or two. Happy birthday!
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Trophies: 29022, 29024, 29025, 29029-29031, 29033





Bit of a lonely party, but a party nonetheless.


1. I remember when I was the resident kid here. I'm 25 in just over two weeks.

2. I just got back this week from a month and a half trip to Texas to visit my long distance girlfriend.

3. I went to Bucees 4 times even though it's nowhere near where I was staying and bought two t-shirts. It's the best.

4. My trophy hunting has dropped off a cliff lately, but I've been playing a lot of CoD zombies.

5. My favourite artist is Taylor Swift, but y'all knew that. Stream Red (Taylor's Version)

6. I met my girlfriend on a Taylor Swift discord server.

7. I modded said discord server for over 2 years before the drama got too much.

8. My last concert was Charli XCX. It would have been Clairo last night but it got COVID'd. It would have been Rina Sawayama but I skipped it so I wouldn't get COVID before my trip. 

9. I'm still a big Man Utd fan. Pain.

10. I'm still a big Los Angeles Chargers fan. Pain.

11. After a month and a half in Texas my default term to refer to a group of people is y'all.

12. I've been a parent figure to my girlfriend's daughter for a little bit now. It's the best. She's the best.

13. I am on the asexuality spectrum.


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PST Trophy Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/BinkUncia





Then came the drunken photos and the mess hidden behind the bar... 



Under 40% rarity trophies:


Trophy #1: #15276

Trophy #2: #15275

13 Things:

- I like to climb up things, get to the top and then climb down
- I once met the 10th Doctor Who
- I have never fallen over in a mosh pit
- I want to ride a Mario Kart around Tokyo
- I LOVE sushi
- Vita is Love Vita is Life, just ignore Sony
- I have only played Horizon Zero Dawn for 2 hours
- I have driven my favourite car a Nissan GTR round a track
- I was the first person to message you Happy Birthday in the QTE discord, so I hope I get brownie points!
- My favourite old school PS franchises are Spyro and Ratchet and Clank
- I once dressed up as Ashley from Untill Dawn
- I have never won a video game competition
- I once bought empty cans online thinking I was buying full cans of beer
- I don't like Star Wars "What even is a Wookie anyway?"
- Playstation VR makes me feel sick
- I'm still angry at Codemasters for ruining Micro-Machines - Haunted is my only remaining trophy
- I once won an award for being "Almost Ginger"
- My advent calendar last year was three Pokeballs full of treats each day

- The angel/star on my Christmas Tree this year was Karl Poohkington - Picture on request 😛


Ok..so that was more than 13, but never mind!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :cake:

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