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WRC 10: FIA World Rally Championship

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I've been wanting to ask this for a while but wasn't entirely sure on wording but I'll ask anyway but does the challenges in WRC series get more difficult every year?


I'll be straight and upfront I'm not huge on racing rally, I've had Dirt 4 and recently got WRC 6 when it was 80p in Store mid November and did 40% of trophies it's definitely not my first rodeo however I'm not exactly experienced either 


Reason I delved into rally was because I'm used to F1 and despite platinum them I wanted a change of discipline racing instead of going fast and all I wanted something different so for Christmas I got WRC 10 & Wreckfest (hardly played Wreckfest because I was enjoying WRC 10) 


WRC 6 has a few tough ones and to be honest I don't have desires on platinum WRC 6 because of the manual racing part because I suck at manual so I'm not really bothered enough about not getting platinum for WRC 6


For the most part I've enjoyed WRC 10 but the anniversary races have held me back from platinum 


As I type I've successfully done 7/12 across 3 separate careers although I'm wanting level 80 as my platinum trophy I fear it'll be Anniversary races trophy I've started 5 separate careers doing 2 or 3 rallies a season hoping to achieve 12 anniversary races but I don't think it'll work that way


So does WRC series get more difficult every year? Would WRC 11 be as tough do you reckon?

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