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WRC 10: FIA World Rally Championship

Need advice


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Before I continue my PS ID isn't CelticParkDude it's DavidMCoulthard I thought I changed this last year but it looks like I haven't 


Before I continue I have to thank Ducks_AWESOME12 for kindly giving me advice and doing co-op I messaged them a few weeks ago to ask for clarity on some trophies and they kindly gave me advice so Ducks_AWESOME12 thank you 


Now onto my question, trophy called Unforgettable and it's complete 12 anniversary mode events 


Anyone struggling just as much as I am?  


As I type this I've successfully gotten times for 4


Acropolis (start of the game) (career)


Rallye Sanremo 1974 (2nd attempt) (Anniversary Mode in game not career)


I did successfully a Mexico one something about 4th in the title (career)


One of the New Zealand ones with RESPOL over the bonnet (career)


Acropolis Rally 1973

Rallye Sanremo 1974

Rally New Zealand 1992b

Rally Mexico 2016


The rest I'm struggling big time I can't get close


I've finished at least 20 without the time and trophy hasn't popped, any advice?


Currently trophy wise I only need to get Reaching New Heights which is reach level 80 in career mode and take part in 20 club games which I'm doing with Ducks_AWESOME12 


And advice would be appreciated 


DavidMCoulthard not CelticParkDude 

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