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PST Quick Time Event! - Late, Great, Golden Girl ~ Discussion Thread


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2021 didn't really hold any punches and just when we thought we made it through in one piece, it decided to deal one last blow to the world and take the absolute gem that is Betty White. We try to steer away from doing celebrity-oriented QTEs, but we like to think Ms. Betty was an honorary trophy hunter who just didn't understand technology and for that reason, we'd like to honour her life by giving her a QTE of her own. As most of us know, one of her most memorable rolls was that of the dearest Rose on Golden Girls. This QTE will be dedicated to her and the role.


So, seeing we all loved Betty White, we want Gold trophies to represent her time on Golden Girls. She starred in 177 episodes, so we want 177 trophies, and she passed away aged 99 so we want all trophies to be below 99% rarity on PSNP. And to the greatest thing since before sliced bread, we salute you.


For full details see the submission thread, for here.




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39 minutes ago, themindisacity said:



I just submitted 11 more.  Which means we've done it, yes?  And anything else is just a bonus?

Yep I can confirm that’s the target met, so well done everyone!


Submissions are still open for anyone who hasn’t yet got 4 gold trophies, as you will only get credit for the QTE with 4 or more golds. 

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Nice idea for a QTE, I like the idea of using her age and the number of episodes she was in to form a QTE around it. 


Unfortunately I only just saw the event now, and I don't have any quick (G) coming up, I might have time to earn 1 barely before the event ends but that's it :( Hopefully you guys reach the goal without me so I don't have to get around to it! If we are one short by the end of the event, I'll try to get mine earned and submitted!

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