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PST Quick Time Event! - Late, Great, Golden Girl ~ Submissions


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Seeing we all loved Betty White, we have decided to honour her in trophy form. Betty's biggest role was her time on Golden Girls, so we want Gold trophies. She starred in 177 episodes, so we want 177 trophies, and she passed away aged 99 so we want all trophies to be below 99% rarity on PSNP.


When does the QTE start?

  • If you can see this post, the QTE has already started! (Start time was 00:00:00 UTC, 7th January)
  • Ends on 23:59:59 UTC, 9th January.
  • Countdown to End


What must I know in order to participate?

  • To participate, you need to have joined the site on (or before) 1st December 2021 AND have over 50 posts. This restriction is to playstationtrophies.org members ONLY, and becoming a Subscriber negates the post count and join date.
  • We’re not going to limit the number of people who can submit. Anyone that wants to participate, and meets the requirements, can submit.


  • As a community we need to earn a combined total of 177 gold trophies (going over 177 is fine). 
  • To earn credit for the QTE you must earn at least 4 gold trophies, as well as the community goal being met.
  • All trophies MUST be below 99% rarity on PSNP. Feel free to include a screenshot of any percentages. 
  • Trophies do not need to be consecutive. 


How do I sign-up/submit?

  • Just post your submission in this thread! Please post a link to your PSNP profile and tell us the trophy numbers.


Sample Submission:


Trophy Log: https://psnprofiles.com/staytrue1985/log

Trophy: #13,111-#13,121, #13,125 #13,127, #13,130-#13,133



Time Zone Details


If you are unsure of your time zone, then please check one of these websites to make sure you know what time the event begins:


Time Zone Converter - Time & Time Zone Conversion


The World Clock – Time Zones


Alternatively, you can reference the community calendar for the start and end time, but please be aware that the time shown on the calendar will match the timezone you have set for your individual PST account.



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Log: https://psnprofiles.com/Bungles--Finger/log


34: #25,319 - #25,316, #25,314, #25,308, #25,302, #25,298 - #25,291, #25,277 - #25,272, #25,259, #25,249, #25,222, #25,217 - #25,214, #25,193, #25,190, #25,181 - #25,179, #25,177

I think we need 25-26 now?

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