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Blind Men Video walkthrough


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13 minutes ago, YellowCab said:

I posted a video walkthrough in Blind Men forum but my video was erase. I just want to understand the rules about posting video. I don't want to make mistake and my video will erase again.


Thanks for you answer

Please see the site rules. 


”We no longer allow users to post video trophy guides without substance. If you post a video trophy guide but offer no other content outside of the video, your thread will be removed”


All the best

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6 hours ago, YellowCab said:

Ok thanks, i didn't know this rule. If i understand, there are no trophy guide for Blind Men.

If i make 1, i will be able to post my video?

We do have a trophy walkthrough available, but no trophy guide. So yes, if you would like to post a trophy guide that would be great.


This is a good resource for getting started with guide writing:


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