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PST Quick Time Event! - A Holiday Trip ~ Discussion


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So now we have your lovely hand turkeys and Thanksgiving is over (or was a non-event for a lot of us), it's time to think about where to spend the holidays. However, we have a rather large wager event running throughout December which will be taking up your time, so grab your bags and get on your trip NOW! You'll need to earn yourself one trophy containing the name of a country or major city. See more information in the submission thread found here.


Oh, and for those who hadn't spotted, I'm the newest ED. Hi!!!!

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1 hour ago, Ashbo said:

Given staytrue's at the wheel now, I won't miss these events when they happen!




19 minutes ago, AshtimusPrime said:

Don't think because you're staff I won't be reporting you for abuse.


Anyway, this is definitely a you event! Love geography shit so might try and get it done.


Pfft, I still have your phone number, who you gonna cry to then?


Also, yay geography! 

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Ah neat event. 

What qualifies as a "major city?" :p Was hoping to use a random town in the middle of nowhere in Italy because it had a funny name, and it is searchable in wikipedia :rofl: EDIT: Apparently I missed the entire section in the submission thread :facepalm:  btw 69,420, nice.

Edited by Jerry Appleby
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1 hour ago, twyz said:

Congrats, Staytrue. 


I'm assuming the PST Task List will retroactively be an official event now.


Never know what the future holds. Not sure I can jump from a QTE straight into something major like that!


1 hour ago, Darth_Krid said:

Glad I had a trophy left over from my Vanguard clean up I can use! Saves me starting something new I don’t really want to play :)


Booo. Will have to go rogue next time and find a way to purposely stitch you up. 

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6 hours ago, Easty said:

Trophy Log: https://psnprofiles.com/Da-Eastside/log

Trophy: #39,608

Location: Alexandria


Very nice 👍


3 hours ago, SylarTheNinja said:

Trophy log: https://psnprofiles.com/SylarTheNinja/log


Trophy: #11349

Location: Great Britain


Great Britain isn't on the list of approved countries, however I will accept it as part of the whole England/Scotland/Wales/N.Ireland amibguity. :) 


2 hours ago, diskdocx said:

PSNID: diskdocx

Trophy Log: https://psnprofiles.com/diskdocx/log


Trophy: #47,587

Location: North Korea



I've had my eye on this game for a while, how is it?

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