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Bugged Trophy: Thief

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"Complete the entire game without being caught by the Zodiac" — Well, I did. Guess what? No trophy. Thanks.


(I do assume the one time getting caught when 


examining the bus on the first trip


doesn't count as that moment is scripted and I see no way to avoid it. That moment also starts the whole story, so I doubt there is another way.)

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Thanks, but I got the trophy now.


What I did: Delete any save data for the game before starting. I think this is what did the trick.


To be on the save side, I also did not use checkpoint reload when the killer found me, but immediately closed the game via PSN menu. I don't know if it would matter, but when you use checkpoint reload, the game seems to run on for a moment before starting to reload, so it might be that the killer can get to you in that short timespan and kill you without you even seeing it.


It‘s really not too bad, as it is easy to get through very quickly if you already know what to do where in each area. I had to restart only twice on this attempt.

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