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New iMacs are insanely thin and light (but be careful about its specs when buying)


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A friend of mine recently bought the new iMac model and brought it over to my place to help him set it up because he's completely clueless about computers and tech. I mean seriously clueless. He's used his previous iMac virtually every day for the last 7-8 years in his home and had no idea whether his internet was connected via WiFi or ethernet and no clue about what a printer or scanner driver were, despite the fact that he's been using computers for 20 years.🤔


Anyway, even though I knew these new iMacs were a lot thinner than the previous model (which I bought three years ago), I was stunned at how thin and light they are when we took it out of the shipping box. The computer itself weighed less than the shipping box and felt like it weighed about a third or a quarter of my computer. My screen is 27" compared to this one being 24" mind you, but the weight difference was still pretty remarkable. I'm not crazy about the new model's boxier, more rectangular-looking design compared to the previous curved corners and contours on the previous iMacs, however. The new model's colour selections didn't appeal to me, either. Other than that, it's pretty impressive.


If you're buying one of these, just pay really close attention to the specs when ordering. My friend called me for help when he was on Apple's site to place the order and I thought I had given him the guidance he needed. For his needs, I advised him to get the baseline 24" model. I thought it was odd that he had to pay $30 extra to add an ethernet connection, but so be it. After being wowed at how light the computer was after unpacking it, complete panic set in when I realized it had no USB 2/3 ports, which he needed for a printer and really old scanner. I never even considered the fact that any computer maker would be selling something without traditional USB ports and misread or confused the description that said "Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports" on the website as it having 4 USB ports.😳 Luckily, we were able to salvage things by going to a local computer store and picking up a USB hub with a USB 4 connection into the iMac and three USB 3 ports. My screwup actually ended up saving my buddy about $250 (Canadian dollars), which is what it would have cost extra to get the next iMac model that came with two USB 3 ports built in.

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