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I'm new here as you can see by the post count, so this is my big introduction. It's great to be a part of this excellent community, and hopefully the people here can help me get to the big five digits in record time. 


I've been playin games since Nintendo days and would say I play mainly shooters. I love all kinds of games though. One of my favorite series was UFC Games.


Other than games my hobbies include listening to music obviously, playing the drums, other forms of technology (especially Apple stuff) and tattoos


Technically, I'm attempting to reach 10,000 trophies before Christmas. it is possible. It works out at about 100-150 trophies per month from now up until December. There are enough games to do it, but that's in a perfect world. I have money, time and being a dad to think about.


Well thats me. Add me on psn if youd like, just send a message or something so I know who you are. Thanks for your time and see you around.


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Welcome dea469 :)


Whats your current Trophy Count?


If you are about 300-400 Trophies apart from 10.000# this should be no Problem. There are some easy Games wich give you lots of Trophies in no Time.


A few to Try are:








for Starters. So you up to your Goal in no Time if you want to play these Games. Good Luck.

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  • dea469 changed the title to New to the forums

:welcome: to the site. Glad you joined up. Thanks...


Not sure when you wrote your initial introduction but I looked you up on psnprofiles and noted that you have 7221 trophies as of November 12th, 2021. So you need 2779 trophies in 43 days...which is like 64-65 trophies a day til Christmas. Not impossible but still quite a Herculean task...good luck. Hopefully you have lots of EZPZ games...

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