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Call of Duty: Vanguard ~ Trophy Guide Discussion

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1 thing i wanna point out for this Platinum is that Campaign doesn't autopop if you are doing this on both Versions, MP does (which is great) and also zombies don't autopop either BUT they also bug out and for the 2nd Version you have to redo them on offline local, which is making me believe the zombie Trophies were also meant to autopop (just like on Cold War .... or rather they needed a trigger but still the same) so maybe if you guys want you can wait for a patch and see, otherwise redo the 10.000 kills for the 2nd version on offline local, if you try to do it online you'll just waste your time so i hope you are reading this.

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Nice guide mate, did a good job with it!


Definitely a rushed and somewhat barebones game, but I mainly enjoy the campaigns in this and I think that was the best aspect so I'm happy :) Veteran is a joke compared to how it used to be, a lot of the game you can just get through with stealth or rushing to the next big rock/crate to hide behind and getting a checkpoint.

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