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Tormented Souls ~ Supplementary Guide


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Credit to Ashbo for the banners.




Additional Resources, Tips and Strategies


This section is set aside to provide you with complementary information and tips to make your passage through the game much more smoot and pleasant!


A side note about the controls


  • From the beginning of the game, Tormented Souls presents you with two alternatives ways to control the character: the legendary "tank" control, in which you move forward by holding down dpad_up.png and steering to the sides with dpad_left.png or dpad_right.png; and the most modern controls via the :ls:, in which you move freely in the direction you want.
  • Although the type of control adjusts to the preferences of each player (for example, hardcore survival horror gamers will feel more at home with the old controls), it is possible to alternate between both to have a better command of the game. For example, the tank control is much more effective when making a 180 degree turn, since the analog controls use a few extra frames when turning, which could prevent you from quickly escaping from an attack; likewise, it is much more advisable to use the analog controls when going up or down stairs, since the animation effect is much faster.
  • Regardless of the type of control, the game introduces a new backward dodge mechanic, which is executed by pressing square.png while aiming with l2.png. Although it is not always 100% effective, because it takes a long time to recover from the animation and you could hit a wall during it, it is advisable to use it between your attacks, especially when an enemy gets too close and is about to start theirs (however, you won't be able to do anything against the Acid Spitters' spit attack... more on this later).


Wildberger Hospital: A Tormented Place


Wildberger's Hospital is the place where the game takes place, a mansion turned hospital (think of it as the police station in Resident Evil 2), which is home to disturbing monsters, rooms full of puzzles and secrets.


The main part of the game (about 80% of it), for which you can find maps, takes place in both wings (East "E" and West "W") of the two main floors of the hospital (First "1F" and Second "2F" floors) as well as the Basement (B). For ease of reading this guide, the locations of important items and collectibles will be described based on the aforementioned acronyms. For the last portion, which takes place in the sewers and the Mausoleum, (which do not have a map as they are more linear), reference will be made to the corresponding rooms by their names.


The Weapons at your Disposal


There are 4 types of weapons in the game, two of which will be obtained as part of your playthrough and two that are optional and therefore losable. These are:


Weapon Description Location
Originally obtained as a Key item, it is the basic melee weapon you will find in the game.
It deals low damage with slow animation and is best used to eliminate Wallers or to attack enemies when they are downed so as not to lose extra bullets.
Basement- X Ray room. On the back part of the room (needed to proceed with the story).
Nail Gunc4ef28.jpg This is the base firing weapon (consider it your handgun). It uses nails to shoot and deals more damage than the crowbar at a good distance and faster rate.
Used in all types of enemies and situations, either to finish them completely or to attack them after a shotgun shot or an electric lance attack.
Basement- X Ray room (automatically given as part of the story)
Shotgunf553bb.jpg This is the strongest firing weapon in the game. It deal high splash damage (can hit multiple enemies at once) , with the restriction of the short distance and the fact that the magazine can only load one bullet at a time.
Best used during the second part of the game when you have deal with Slashers and Hammers and mainly to break through enemies quickly. It is also highly recommended for dealing with annoying Crawlers.
To obtain this weapon you must combine its two parts: Shotgun part A and Shotgun Part B. Check Gunsmith trophy_bronze.png for the location of each part.
Electric Lance0deee6.jpg This is the second melee weapon that you will be able to obtain in the game, however, since it is not hidden in plain sight as the Shotgun Parts, it is possible that you could miss it if you haven't obtain it before the point of no return.
It deals damage superior to that of the Nail Gun, with a faster animation than the crowbar and with greater distance than the latter.
Best used during the second half of the game, specifically to deal with slightly slower enemies such as Slashers and Hammers.
The Electric Lance is hidden behind a fence that you can only access after obtaining the Electrical Lamp.
When you obtain this item, return through the mirror to the alternate reality of the Intensive Care Corridor at W-2F, eliminate the Waller, enter Room 2A (be careful with Wheelchair) and unlock the gate, then, return through the mirror to this same room to find  the weapon.
How to Deal with the Monsters Lurking the Hospital?
Regardless of the final boss (which will not be mentioned to avoid spoilers), Tormented Souls has 7 varieties of enemies distributed throughout the game. The characteristics of these enemies, as well as the recommended strategy to deal with them is mentioned below:
Enemy Type Description and Attacks Strategy
Wheel Monster ("Wheelchair")
This is the first enemy you will face. They are quite fast and will basically attack with three swings of their blades arms. Their range is relatively long so you must keep your distance at all times. You can also bait  their attack and deal with them as soon as they are done swinging their arms.
How to deal with them:


- 10 Shots from the Nail Gun

- 1 Shot from the Shotgun and between 4 to 5 shots from the Nail Gun.

Acid Spitter ("Crawler")
This enemy is the most common in the game during the first part. They have two attacks: the first, a short-range, low damage, swing of their short arms; and the second (the most annoying), a spit of blood (acid?) with high range and certain level of tracking.
They are also located very close to doors or in corridors so escaping from them would be your main problem for your No Healing run.
They attack in tandem and can spit at you at great range, so try to keep your distance and, If you see that they are charging their spit attack, move in a diagonal direction (never in a straight line!)
How to deal with them:


- Until you get the Shotgun, you can try to avoid them or shoot from a distance: 8 shots from the Nail Gun will do the job.

- After getting the Shotgun, a shot from it will quickly do the job.
Wall Monser ("Waller")
This type of enemy does not have a free movement, so it will only attack you if you try to pass in front of it. You will find it a few times in the game, usually in a corridor.
Since they do not move, you can decide whether to attack with a melee weapon (so as not to waste bullets), or from a distance.
How to deal with them:


- 7 hits with the Crowbar

- 5 shots from the Nail Gun..

This type of enemy first appears as a miniboss, then becomes a common enemy during the later part of the game.

Their attacks are simple, a combo of either three or two hits.
These enemies are fairly easy to bait. Walk in front of them as they slowly approach and once they stop to start the animation of their attacks, quickly move away from them.
How to deal with them:


- 2 shots from the Shotgun.

- 1 Shot from the Shotgun and 5 shots from the Nail Gun.

The second most common enemy after the Crawlers during the first part of the game.

These enemies are quick to approach and have two types of attacks: the first, a slow, short-range attack with its crutch; and the second, a longer-range "hedgehog-like" attack in which they will draw spikes from all over their body.
For most of the game, these enemies are easy to evade and bait; however, be very careful when they are charging their "hedgehog" attack, as the range is quite wide and the hurtbox frames of the damage extend even when they are retracting their spikes.
How to deal with them:


- 11 shots from the Nail Gun.

- 1 Shot from the Shotgun and between 4 to - 5 shots from the Nail Gun.

This enemy will randomly start stalking you as soon as you use the Floppy Disk on the W-2F and will do so until you descend to the Mausoleum. Two characteristics of this enemy are that: 1) it cannot be killed so you can only stop it momentarily and 2) it appears randomly when you enter a room, signaling this appearance with a change in the music.

That said, the enemy has a basic attack, which consists of grabbing Caroline when it gets close to  her, prompting a button smash defense animation. If you forget to press the button, the enemy will quickly drain your life and might kill you in a very spooky way.
This monster grab attack is easily baited as the starting frames of it are quite quite slow. 
How to deal with them:
The "cheapest" way to deal with this enemy, is that as soon as you hear the music change in a room, quickly leave it and return to it through the same door. This will make the enemy disappear completely for a while.
You can also stop it by using any of the weapons at your disposal, although this is less recommended.
Atomic Man ("Hammer")
These gigantic enemies appear during the last portion of the game (Bunker) and while imposing, they are quite slow to move and attack.
Their two main forms of attack are: i) two horizontal rotations of 360 degrees with the hammer; and ii) a Vertical ground pound with the hammer.
Since the enemies are quite slow, it is possible to bait their attacks and avoid them completely; however, be careful to be in a tight corridor as you may not have enough room to escape.
How to deal with them:


- 2 Shots from the Shotgun 

- 1 Shot from the Shotgun and 8 shots from the Nail Gun.


Finally and as a common factor of all enemies except the Ghost, the moment they fail an attack, they usually enter into a madness animation. These seconds can be used to attack them without any risk!

Puzzles Solution 
As mentioned during the initial part of this guide, Tormented Souls is a highly progress-oriented game, so you will find many Key Items and rooms with puzzles that will make you think really hard. However, if you prefer to solve them quickly, here is a list of the puzzles with their solutions (some of them are easier to explain with pictures):
Puzzle Solution Comments
Padlock Code From top to bottom: 1-2-3-5  The solution is found in the clock on the left side cabinet door, but you don't need this item if you know the code.
Main Generator
You must get the Valve located to the right of the generator first.
Library Door Knock.....Knock, Knock, Knock.....Knock.....Knock Although it is not necessary if you know the pattern, you can use the Stethoscope on the statue in the Main Hall to learn the timing.
Skeleton Puzzle Head, Stomach, Hand, Throat, Heart, Throat0a88fd.jpg
This puzzle is exclusive to the Experiment Room of the past.
Dinning Room Door From top to bottom: Square, Hexagon, Pentagona5acde.jpg You need to combine the Incomplete Key and the Metal Dial before.
Archives Door From top to bottom: Square, Triangle, Stardaf569.jpg You need to combine the Incomplete Key and the Metal Dial before.
Intensive Care Corridor Door From top to bottom: Pentagon, Triangle, Circlee62d03.jpg You need to combine the Incomplete Key and the Metal Dial before.
Pharmacy Door From top to bottom: Star, Triangle, Hexagon82bfcf.jpg You need to combine the Incomplete Key and the Metal Dial before.
Cash Register Code 0414
Room 2D - Judge's Podium
  • Monkey, who sees no evil, covering its eyes.
  • Monkey who hears no evil, covering its ears.
  • Monkey, who speaks no evil, covering its mouth.
  • Headless Monkey.
First use the Parchment Scroll on the top of the podium, then solve the puzzle related to the three (four?) wise monkeys: Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru; and use the hammer to pass the sentence
Floppy Disk Computer Password
You need to flip the Floppy Disk and click the small button in the bottom right of it first.
Grandfather Clock
25 Dec at 8:15:25
Vinyl Dial Puzzle
Clockwise: 1,2,6...6,1,2
You don't need to have listened to the Vinyl record if you already know the pattern.
Key Dial Puzzle ce138d.jpg This is the puzzle that allows you to connect the Main Hall of the Hospital with the Mausoleum.
The Key dial is located on the second floor of the library (W-2F), after inserting the charged battery into the forklift.
Infinite Corridor Golden Door, Door with the Empty Basin in front, Door at the North, Wooden Door, Door with the Earth Basin in front, Door with Ember Basin in front, Door at the West. Check Loop trophy_silver.png for more information.
TV Puzzle
Starting from the Yin / Yang channel: 8 channels to the right (Spider), 5 channels to the left (Clover), 7 channels to the right (Tricycle), 4 channels to the left.
You need to have found the TV Dial first in order to be able to turn on the TV.
Gasoline Pump
You need to have obtained the 3 Pipe Caps in the Bunker, otherwise you will not be able to fill the Gas Canister.
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