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WRC 10: FIA World Rally Championship

Achievements released


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Seems like an interesting list! The standard trophies for winning 'x' rally, reaching 'x' level in career etc. are all there with a bunch of interesting changes from the WRC 9 list.

Some interesting miscellaneous trophies and I'm not sure how long a full season will take. Winning gold 10 times in challenges could be hard but it states "in at least" which suggests there are much more than 10 challenges.

Winning a rally with a 30 second lead could be hard but it depends on how useless the AI are on the easiest setting.

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Nice one. It's good to see a somewhat different list rather than sticking with the same list each year. There appears to be a few more online trophies this time, but they seem easy enough. The only trophy that might be challenging is getting 10 golds in challenges, but that could actually be easy depending on what's involved. If this is even half as good as WRC 9 then I'll be picking it up relatively soon after launch. 

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19 hours ago, Easty said:


This one is concerning. 🤔

I agree. This is the one that concerned me the most....realistic duration might mean playing for hundreds of hours lol. 

I really loved WRC 9 after taking a break from the series for a few years. The management side was really cool and it's actually carried over to the MotoGP franchise. Should be picking this up at some point this year.

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