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Games without platinum trophy

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No-one knows for sure, because the narrative keeps changing. Some say it's developer laziness, some say it's Sony being douchebags, some say there's a cost associated with having a Plat but the devs/publishers aren't prepared to pay up, some say there's a content/points limit that has to be met for the core game before a Plat can be awarded and others say it's all of the above.

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19 minutes ago, stratos2501 said:

Can someone explain to me why games such as Resident evil 4 HD, Primal or the new Hitman, among others, doesn't include a platinum trophy. 


Developers have to apply for a platinum trophy. For several years now all sorts of short and simple games have platinums, so we know that there doesn't seem to be any requirement apart from the developer coming up with enough trophies (or trophy points, eg. ten golds or whatever) to justify a platinum.


Therefore, those games don't have platinums because the developers either don't care to go out of their way to have one included or they just messed up.

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