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Anna's Quest ~ Trophy Walkthrough

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Video guides of this walkthrough are fine as long as I am credited in the video and the guide linked!



L1/R1 will move between hotspots, but you need to be in the hotspot's general vicinity. Clicking R3 will show all hotspots.


Main button is X – if I say to “click” - or use, talk to, etc - something, that's the button I mean. When I say “look at”, I do mean look, so use :square: .


Bring up your inventory with D-Pad Down (this is the way to combine inventory items together). You can use D-Pad Up to quickly scroll through inventory items, but I actually recommend against it, as using D-Pad Down means you'll be checking more often for a shiny object (Ooh, it's shiny!)


There is a collectible in the game – pieces of candy. There are 12 scattered throughout all chapters. They don't show up in your inventory, you can't track them in-game, and they aren't even labeled as candy on screen. It will just be a hotspot with no label (the hotspot won't show up when you click R3, but you can tab over to it with L1/R1 if you're close enough), and once you've picked up the candy, you won't be able to access that hotspot anymore. If you miss a candy, your progress towards them carry between games, so you can reload a chapter after clearing the game and try again – you just need to remember which ones you missed.


A few of the candies are between hotspots, and tough to get to. You will need to gently adjust your position. Keep your eye on the actual candy – it's unlikely the cursor will snap to the candy hotspot, so look for an interactable circle on the candy so you can tab over to it yourself.


There is one randomized trophy – Ooh, it's shiny! (S). Whenever you pick up an inventory item, there is a chance it will be shiny. You can tell by bringing up the inventory – if the item is shiny, it will have a flashing border around it. This SHOULD pop up at some point during your playthrough, but I couldn't tell you when. It does not pop when you pick up the shiny object; it pops when you open the inventory to find the shiny object. If it does not pop during your playthrough, there's a way to farm for it after you've finished the game.

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Skip the tutorial

Pick up art supplies – get crayon and paint

Pick up scissors

Pick up ball

In inventory, combine scissors and ball – get half ball

Use crayon and paint with doll – Makeover (G) unlocked

Walk towards the camera

I need to go home

Pick up pillow

Pick up candy (1/12)

Click on chair

My what?

You've lost me

Pick up soup spoon

In inventory, select the spoon and press L2 – get bent spoon

Use bent spoon with camera

Talk to teddy bear – exhaust conversation until you can choose I'm going to keep looking for a way out

Move cursor onto soup – L2 – Fussy Eater (B) unlocked

Use scissors with unicorn – get horn

Use horn with machine

Use half ball with electric device

L2 Camera

L2 Door

Exit to Hallway – Escape Artist (B) unlocked



Exit to Downstairs


Ground Floor

L2 front door








Use scissors with curtain – get velvet

Click unicorn – get stuffing (if you can't do this, look at the pillow in your inventory first)

In inventory, combine pillow and stuffing, then add velvet – get velvet pillow

L2 speaker above door – get speaker and mic

Exit to Hallway, then Downstairs


Ground Floor

Use velvet pillow with cat

Click cat – get diamond

Click right desk drawer – get heart key and paperweight

Click left desk drawer – get string

Click carpet, then drain – get mold

In inventory, combine mold and yellow paint -get cheese

In inventory, combine bent spoon and string – get spoon on string

Exit upstairs to Hallway (you'll need to get through some conversation first)



Pick up witch's hat

Look at sink

Click on tap over sink

Use cheese with rat in rafters – get key

Exit to Bedroom



Use heart key with box – get recorder

In inventory, combine speaker and mic with recorder – get fixed recorder

In inventory, look at fixed recorder – Singstar (B) unlocked

Exit to Hallway, then Downstairs


Ground Floor

Use key with painting

Use fixed recorder with door – get recorder with voice

Use recorder and diamond with safe – get amulet, blueprints, book of spells, and portrait



Exhaust conversation with mirror

Click on bottles on small table – get cork

Look at parchment hanging on the stairs

Click on jar in bottom right corner of screen – candy (2/12)

Pick up gold ring (bottom middle of screen, next to a candle)

Look at books on shelf – when you've looked at all four, you'll unlock Bookworm (B).

Since the witch's hat is in your inventory, you'll also get a handkerchief chain

In inventory, combine handkerchief chain and paperweight – get weighted chain

In inventory, look at blueprints

Exit upstairs


Ground Floor

Talk to door

Let's make a deal first

Who is Hans Lind? - Little genius (B) unlocked

That's enough talking for now.

Click pipe (if she doesn't do anything, you need to look at the sink upstairs)

Use cork with pipe

Exit Upstairs



Click tap above sink – get witch's hair

Exit to Bedroom



Pick up lens (red chair)

L2 weak spot (ceiling above red chair)

Use weighted chain with roof hole

Exit to Attic



Pick up mirror

Click cage – get baby dragon

In inventory, combine crayon and baby dragon – get fiery dragon

Exit to Roof



Candy (3/12) on right tip of roof

Use lens with the moon

Use amulet with lens – get charged amulet

Use mirror with raven

Exit to Attic



L2 crack on wall

Click hole in wall – get raven feather

Exit to Bedroom, then Hallway, then Ground Floor, then Basement



L2 drain

Click drain

L2 thumb, pointer, and little finger – in that order

Use bent spoon on string with handkerchief – get handkerchief, then back out

Use witch hair and raven feather with cauldron

Exit to Ground Floor


Ground Floor

Use gold ring with Joringel (skeleton) – if you can't, talk to him and exhaust more conversation

Exit to Hallway, then Bedroom



Use handkerchief with bed


Candy (4/12) – in a cup on a table next to some books – this hotspot is tricky; just keep walking around until you get it. Try clicking on the nearby books first.


Click books on table

Click books above fireplace

Exit to Hallway, then Ground Floor, then Basement



My lost nightingale (B) unlocked during cutscene

Use fiery dragon with cauldron – get baby dragon

Use charged amulet with cauldron – get magical amulet

Exit to Ground Floor, then Hallway, then Bedroom



This is just another part of my plan!

L2 wand


Forest Path

Through the woods (B) unlocked

L2 in order: center branch, fruit, top branch, bottom branch

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Village Square


Candy (5/12) – in some straw on blacksmith's roof – the cursor won't stay on this candy, so walk near it and spam X until you've picked it up. This is a candy you'll actually be able to see whether or not you've picked it up


Talk to Musicians – exhaust conversation

Walk right

Click haystack – get needle

Click haystack – Far away from home (S) unlocked (Deponia reference)

Click wanted poster on tavern

Exit to Tavern



Exhaust conversation with Bartender

Use baby dragon with coals – get fiery dragon

Exit to Village Square, then Alley (exit behind navigation signs)



Exhaust conversation with Sorceress

L2 bedsheet – get torn bedsheet and clothesline

Exit to Village Square, then Antique Store


Antique Store


Candy (6/12) – this is probably the most infuriating one to get. You need to make very tiny adjustments to get into position. See the picture below to help orientate yourself.




Look at clown hat

Look at rabbit doll

Look at gramophone

Look at top hat

Look at mannequin – Cameodalic (B) unlocked

Use diamond with shopkeeper – get broken lantern

Click bell x6 – Ring-a-ding-ding (S) unlocked

Exit to Village Square, then Mill



Try to enter mill

Exit to Village Square, then Tavern



Talk to Bartender

Where did the Blacksmith go, then?

All right, thank you, mister!

Talk to Gottfried x2

Is everything okay? Why are you sad?

Talk to Bartender

Do you know why this man is so sad?

All right, thank you, mister!

Talk to Gottfried

I heard about your boy.

Is there anything you can tell me about the mill?

I better get going now

Exit to Village Square, then Mill



Enter mill

Click on stool

Exhaust conversation

L2 hammer

Use hammer with support beam

L2 trapdoor mechanism x2 – get mill keys

L2 hatch door

Enter mill basement (near water wheel)

Click cage door

Use clothesline with trapdoor mechanism

Exit outside, then enter mill

Click stool, then click rope (at top of stairs)

Pick up spellbook (you can't) – Pain in the hands (B) unlocked

Exit to basement

Talk to Mill Witch

What spell did you put on the book?

If you don't tell me the spell, then I'll...I'll...

Why do you have to kidnap all these kids, anyway?

I'm on your side, you know

Sigh, you're right...

I've dabbled in protection spells a little bit. Do you think I could figure it out?

Do you remember the spell you used to protect the book?

Exit outside, then Village Square, then Tavern



L2 on pipes

Go outside and click on the fountain lever

You will go back into the tavern, then will go into the woods



Talk to Blacksmith – exhaust conversation

Use scissors with stringy vines (on rock) – get stringy vines

In inventory, use stringy vines with needle – get needle and thread

In inventory, use needle and thread with torn bedsheet – get bedsheet

Exit left to Mill, then Village Square


Village Square

Click on Blacksmith's

Exhaust conversation with Ashley

Exit left to Forest Path


Forest Path

Walk left and click bushes

Exhaust conversation with Reynard

Click the bushes again to make sure you've fully exhausted the conversation (if you have, he won't show up)

Exit to Village Square


Village Square

Back to the anvil (B) unlocked

Use broken lantern with blacksmith shop – get lit lantern

Exit to Alley



Enter Wizard's Shop

Do you know anything about protection spells?

I think I might know at least some of the chant, if that helps

I best get looking for these objects, then.

Exit to Village Square, then Mill



Go inside mill

Pick up spellbook – Kekekeke (B) unlocked

I'd best get looking for those objects, then.

Exit to Village Square, then Mill, then Woods



Look at tree stump

Exit right to Lake

Exhaust conversation, then exit left

Exit up to Thieves' House

Click door to thieves' house

In inventory, combine scissors and bedsheet, then add the lit lantern – get fake ghost

Use fake ghost with thieves' house

When the door opens, L2 fake ghost

Exit down, then Mill, then Village Square


Village Square

Enter Church



Talk to Minister – exhaust conversation

Look at either window against back wall

Exit to Village Square


Village Square

Talk to Musicians

Roostwig! I did it! - Roostwig has entered the building (B) unlocked

Click door again – get old violin

Exit down, then right to Lake

Use old violin with Weiss Frauen – Kill it! KILL IT! (S) unlocked

Exit to Mill, then Village Square, then Antique Store


Antique Store

L2 toy monkey

Quickly use old violin with magical violin – get magical violin

Exit to Village Square, then Mill, then Woods



Exit right to Lake

Use magical violin with Weiss Frauen – So soothing... (B) unlocked

I'd best get looking for these objects, then.

L2 lamp posts (if you can't, you didn't do the stuff in the church yet)

Use fiery dragon with lamp post – get baby dragon

Exit to Village Square, then Church



Click church organ

Skip minigame (press start/options) - Mystery solved (B) unlocked

L2 bell

Use baby dragon with red dragon


Glass Mountain

Click door

Click rocks so you move behind them

L2 window, then talk to Rinkrank – Guilty conscience (S) unlocked

L2 window x2 – get rose – NOW GO AWAY! (B) unlocked



Click cupboard

Click fireplace – get key

Click cupboard – Sorry Grandpa (S) unlocked during cutscenes






Anna's Cell

Click mattress

Pick up spring

In inventory, L2 spring – get lockpick

Talk to guard – exhaust conversation

Talk to Reynard

Wait...you know this guard?

I think the guard wants to quit

Use lockpick with door



Pick up watermelon

Pick up chillies

Pick up blender

Exit back left to Dungeon Gates


Dungeon Gates

Exhaust conversation

Exit right to Hallway, then Gallows



Exit to Mansion Gates (middle arch)


Mansion Gates

Exhaust conversation

Exit back to Gallows, then right to Utility Closet


Utility Closet

Use chillies with bowl

Candy (7/12) – in a roll of toilet paper on a high shelf

Pick up torch

Pick up whetstone

Use broken blender with human blender

Click human blender

Exit to Gallows



Candy (8/12) – on the left side of the screen, just under the “trash” hotspot (look for a banana peel)

Pick up can

Pick up napkin

Use whetstone with guillotine

Use watermelon with guillotine

Click guillotine – get melon half

Click guillotine again 3-4 times – Mischief maker (S) unlocked. If this doesn't happen, you'll need to play with the human blender a few more times, which we will be doing just to progress the story. So don't worry if it doesn't unlock here yet.

Use torch (inventory) with torch – get lit torch

L2 axe

Talk to Executioner

Exit left to Cages



Click levers in order: right up x2 / left down / right down

Pick up baby bear's honey jar – Honey, honey, honey... (B) unlocked

Click the hotspot that reads “go directly to Dungeon Gates”


Dungeon Gates

Talk to Admin Troll

About the inspection of the gallows...

I'll leave you to your work, then.

Exit to Hallway



Use can with water cooler – get can of water

Use napkin with Sick Troll – get snotty napkin

Exit to Gallows



You will be in the pit

Use lit torch with bracket

Use can of water with old prisoner – Game Over! (B) unlocked

Talk to Wilfred – exhaust conversation – get flower drawing

Exit to Hallway, then Anna's Cell


Anna's Cell

Click grate

Could you look for a certain flower for me? - get flower

Exit to Hallway, then Gallows, then Utility Closet


Utility Closet

Use melon half with bowl

Use honey pot with goat – Bahahahaha (S) unlocked (if it doesn't unlock here, feed it other stuff from your inventory)

Use melon half with human blender

Use honey pot with human blender – this will stay in your inventory after using it

Use snotty napkin with human blender

Use flower with human blender

Pick up tainted drink

If you have yet to unlock Mischief Maker (S), keep playing around with the human blender and the guillotine until it does

Exit to Gallows, then Mansion Gate


Mansion Gate

Use tainted drink with Big Troll – A very special drink (B) unlocked

Exhaust conversation

Click mailbox – get notice of termination

Talk to Big Troll x2

Exit to Gallows



Use notice of termination with Wilfred

Talk to Wilfred – exhaust conversation

Exit to Hallway, then Dungeon Gates


Dungeon Gates

Use termination notice with Admin Troll

Exit to Hallway, then the cell the Sick Troll was guarding



Exhaust conversation with Wizard

Go back into cell

Pick up meat

Exit to Hallway, then Dungeon Gates


Dungeon Gates

Talk to Admin Troll

Do you have the group release form for me?

I'll leave you to your work

L2 inkpot

Exit to Cages



Click left lever up

Click right lever up

Exit to Dungeon Gates


Dungeon Gates

L2 inkpot

Look at file cabinet

L2 file cabinet

Exit to Cages



Use honey pot with papers (baby bear is holding them) – get release papers

Exit to Gallows, then Mansion Gates


Mansion Gates

Look at door

Click door

There's one thing I've learnt about you, at least

Look at door – Show me your true self (B) unlocked

This meal riddle...

A dead dogfish

The rib of a whale

An old horse's hoof

Choose all remaining options - Close the Deal (S) unlocked during cutscenes


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Castle Gate

L2 broken spike

Pick up broken spike

Walk all the way left – conversation midway through

Use spike with hay

Exit over wall

Click fruit – Clever reference #451 (S) unlocked

L2 fruit

Exit back

Keep clicking the poster until No posters allowed (B) unlocks (around 20 times)

Walk to guards

L2 spear

Enter castle

I'm one of Winfriede's bridesmaids, of course!

Go back outside

Exhaust conversation with Swan Prince until he draws his sword. Then:

But you've won already!

Then...they attack you suddenly!

They have their guard down!

Oh, but he...strikes your sword hand!

Then...they attack you suddenly!

But you've won already! - GG (B) unlocked

Pick up glass slipper

Go inside


Castle Hall

Enter all four interactable rooms – Kitchen, Cellar, Princess' Bedroom, and Pigeon Tower – then come back to Castle Hall

Talk to Jester

Do you know any other tricks? - get balloons

Why are you performing to an empty room?

I think I know someone who could do with some entertaining...

The chef in the kitchen?

Exit to Kitchen



L2 Jester x2

Talk to Jester

I think I know someone who could do with some entertaining...

The pigeons in the tower?

Look at window

Talk to Cook

What are you cooking there?

Hey, you said you were in need of more meat to cook, right?

Sorry to bother you!

Pick up nightingale

Exit to Castle Hall, then Pigeon Tower


Pigeon Tower

L2 Jester

Talk to Jester

I think I know someone who could do with some entertaining...

Cindy in the cellar?

Pick up ladder

Exit to Castle Hall, then Cellar



L2 Jester

Talk to Jester

I think I know someone who could do with some entertaining...

The butler in the Castle Hall?

Candy (9/12) – in the middle coat on the left coatrack

Talk to Cindy – exhaust conversation

Click sewing box – get yarn
Use nightingale with coal – get dirty nightingale

Exit to Castle Hall


Castle Hall

L2 Jester

Talk to Jester

I think I know someone who could do with some entertaining...

The Princess in her bedroom?

Try to enter the door left of the Princess' Bedroom (reads “Storage Door”) - this is important for later!

Exit to Princess' Bedroom


Princess' Bedroom

Candy (10/12) – in the Princess' makeup box (this is accessible from your spot in the doorway, just cycle between all the hotspots on the table)

L2 Jester – What a mess (S) unlocked

Click magazines – get coupon

Pick up glass slipper

Click flowers

L2 cream on table

Exit to Castle Hall, then outside


Castle Entrance

Cross the bridge (do not go to a new screen) and exit left to Royal Garden

Talk to tree – get oversized dress

Go back to the bridge

Use ladder with top left window


Storage Room

Climb ladder again

Use dirty nightingale with owl – get owl

Exit to Castle Hall, then Kitchen



Use dress with knife – get dress and gold brooch

Use owl with birdcage

Exit to Castle Hall, then Pigeon Tower


Pigeon Tower

In inventory, combine gold brooch and coupon, then add yarn – get thimble mail order

Use balloons with pigeon

Skip the puzzle (press start/options)

Use thimble mail order with pigeon – get gold thimble – You've got mail! (B) unlocked

Exit to Castle Hall, then Cellar



Look at poster

Talk to Cindy – exhaust conversation

Use gold thimble with Cindy

Go back into Cellar – get altered dress

Exit to Castle Hall, then Outside, then Storage Room


Storage Room

Exhaust conversation with Ben

Click painting x2 – get painting

Look at blackboard – get blackboard message

Pick up painting scrap (on mirror)

In inventory, combine portrait and scrap of painting – get portrait message

In inventory, combine blackboard and portrait messages – get Winfriede's message

Exit outside, then Castle Hall, then Kitchen



Use painting with knife – get adjusted painting

Exit to Castle Hall, then outside, then Storage Room


Storage Room

Use adjusted painting with frame

Click cell door

L2 Ben – it's okay if you can't do this. The game is touchy whether or not it will let you. It's just a minor story variation.

Exit outside


Castle Gates

Cross the bridge

Walk all the way right

Talk to Reynard

Reynard! I need a huge favour!


Glass Mountain

Click door

Use Winfriede's message with shards of glass

L2 shards of glass x2

Exit outside and click the Red Dragon, then go to Storage Room


Storage Room

Click left drawer

L2 shard piece – get shard piece

Exit outside and click the Red Dragon


Glass Mountain

Click door

Use shard piece with shards of glass – Shattered (B) unlocked

What are you doing here?

Pick up flowers

Exit Outside



Memories (G) unlocked

Candy (11/12) - Walk behind the two left chairs and face the windows and you should be able to access this hotspot on the bottom shelf

Click desk at bottom of screen

Look at stuff in desk

Talk to Dorothea

I think I'm ready now








Talk to Jannike

Exit to Treehouse



Click the rocks in order: left / right x2 / middle / left / right / left

Exhaust conversation


Candy (12/12) – this one is another tricky hotspot, but I found it easier than the one in the antique store. It's on a shelf of vials behind Hans. - Posterboy! (G) unlocked




Click books – get biology book

In inventory, look at book

Exit outside, then Courtyard



Talk to Jorinde

You seem kind of lonely over here...

Ah, well. See you, Jorinde

Talk to Jacob – exhaust conversation

Talk to Jannike – exhaust conversation

Talk to Joringel

Why are you over here on your own?

Joringel, you dummy. Of course someone cares about you!

I'll leave you alone then.

Enter Classroom



Walk up to blackboard

Pick up bellows

Pick up chalk

Click heater

Pick up coal

Click desk closest to boiler

Click stuff in desk – get crumpled letter

Exit to Courtyard, then Treehouse



Enter Treehouse

Use bellows on dry ice – get gas-filled bellows

Exit up the ladder and out the window

Use gas-filled bellows with beehive – Beekeeper (B) unlocked

Exit treehouse and pick up beehive

Go inside treehouse

Use beehive with Hans – get beehive husk

Use coal with baby dragon

Pick up baby dragon – get fiery dragon

Exit outside, then Courtyard



Use beehive husk with Wilhelm – get yo-yo

Use crumpled letter with Jacob – get flowers

Exit to Classroom



Use fiery dragon with heater

You will end up in Treehouse



Use flowers with Hans – you will still have flowers in your inventory afterwards

Use chalk with Hans

Use yo-yo with Hans

Talk to Hans

Hey, I can help you with your test through the window, all sneaky like!

Pick up key

Clink window to leave

Exit outside, then Courtyard



Use key with shed

Pick up gloves

Use flowers with Joringel

Click lunchbox – get berries (you may need to re-enter the Courtyard screen)

Exit to Treehouse



Enter treehouse

Use berries with Hans

Use gloves with dry ice – get dry ice

Talk to Hans

Hey, I can help you with your test through the window, all sneaky like!

Use dry ice with tea

Exit to Courtyard



Talk to Jorinde


Turn the last page (G) unlocked

Platin Trophy (P) unlocked



IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T UNLOCKED Ooh, it's shiny! Start a new game, start chapter 1, walk in front of the camera (to get that dialogue out of the way), then make a save. You can quickly pick up the ball, art supplies, and scissors here, giving you four chances at one of them being shiny. Check your inventory, and if there isn't a shiny one, reload the save and try again.

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