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Hello anyone who reads this, I was playing through the 2nd planet and I found a method that can be used by anyone who wants to farm some stuff. Just wanted to make this thread so that people are aware of this if they want to use it.


This can be used for bolts, Raritanium, or weapon xp and can get you a few trophies faster than normal.


So on the 2nd planet as you are playing through the story you can find the first Grunthor, just kill this and then jump into the acid to repeat. While this can be used for bolts I think it is best for some fast Raritanium because you get 3 each kill.


This may be patched at any time because I don't think you are supposed to be able to kill the same Grunthor over and over but for now it works.


Of course I only suggest this if you want to farm Raritanium or Weapon xp so that you get them as maxed as possible before moving on with the story.


This method can be used to get the Trophies Extinction Event, They Blow up so Fast, and There's Even a Cupholder.

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On 6/13/2021 at 1:50 AM, megamanx132 said:

Even if they patch this the battleplex on the third world gives raritanium for its 5th battle for each cup after the first time you beat it. Sure its not as fast as killing a regular Grunthor but it is a way to do so if this way gets fixed.

You've likely worked this out by now, but for others who might be reading - using the gold bolt 'cheats' does not prevent trophies from being earned.

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