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Disco Elysium ~ Trophy Guide Discussion


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Hello @Mendel I wanted to ask if you can add my Disco Elysium Video guides to your current PS4/PS5 guide. I made a detailed walkthrough guide for some of the trophies which i considered difficult during my road to platinum.


The guide are from my personal YouTube channel and with your support we can help my channel grow and supplement your guide with visual/video guides.


This is a link to my playlist.


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I feel like this game is one of those ones that are a masterpiece to play one time, feeling its story and narrative...


...but at the same time, is a real chore to platinum.


There are plenty of missables and the load times are dreadful on ps4 pro + SSD. And you need to save/load A LOT if you don't want to lose the best dialogues and options in the story.


Cannot imagine how mortifying must be to platinum this on a regular ps4 with its original 5400 rpm HDD.

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Ok, this sucks. I was a trophy away of celebrating the platinum, "What Body?", and when I was ending my 3rd run... there is no option for me to choose where I can say I didn't even touch the corpse 🤨what the f-...


Here is my quest just before ending the game:



This is so frustrating. I'm quite sure I didn't even take a look at it.


EDIT - ok, solved. I'm not from an english speaking country, and I finished the game playing in spanish (switched languages before doing the photo). Looks like in spanish the sentence wasn't crystal clear, but now, ending the game in english, I understood completely the option I had to click. Phew!!

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