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The Dark Eye: Memoria ~ Trophy Walkthrough

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This is a direct sequel to Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. I highly recommend you play it first.




Play the intro if you want, but if you've already played Satinav, you don't need to. The game plays the same.




Walk right to tent

Exit to Clearing

Click chest; pick up glass bottle

In inventory, select glass bottle and press R2 – get shards

Use shards with stick fortress

MAKE A SAVE – start – savegames – choose a manual slot to save to

Highlight stick fortress – R2

[i]Yes please

No, I don't like them[/i] – [b]Getting the job done[/b] (S) unlocked


Highlight stick fortress – R2

[i]Yes please

Yes I like riddles

I'm ready[/i]


Exit down to Hall, then right to Battle Site


[b]Battle Site[/b]

Walk to the body, then left to the next turn

Pick up dagger from ground

Use dagger with bag (on body)

Follow the path down

Pick up bandage, brush, and alcohol

Exit to Hall, then Tomb Entrance


[b]Tomb Entrance[/b]

Use dagger with ??? (on back wall, behind the back right pillar) – get sticky dagger

Use brush, then sticky dagger with Magician


[b]Burial Chamber[/b]

Click hook (far left) – creates bloody hook

Pick up incense from bowl, then pick up incense bowl

Pick up dusty silver platter

In inventory, combine alcohol and bandage – get alcohol-soaked bandage, then combine with dusty silver platter – get shiny silver platter

Use shiny silver platter with bloody hook

Click staff

Pick up silver platter

Use incense bowl with bloody hook

Use bandage with bloody hook – get bloody bandage

Use bloody bandage with incense bowl

Use incense stick with glowing eyes – get smoldering stick

Use smoldering stick with incense bowl

[i]What are you doing here?

Open the door

Command the guardians

Create light[/i]

Highlight darkness hotspot (right above character's head) - R2

[i]Free the staff[/i] then exit

Click metal ball, then use it on ring

Click metal ball, then use it on hole

Pick up staff

In inventory, combine staff and bandages – get staff with bandage

Highlight remains – R2

Pick up dagger and mask

Stand next to the brittle wall

Highlight brazier – R2

Use dagger with sliver of light

Highlight darkness – R2

Click sliver of light


Highlight Guardian – R2

Use Guardian with right rock face x10 – [b]Causing tremors[/b] (G) unlocked

Use Guardian with brazier

Use brazier with colonnade

Press Circle x2

Click on hole in door


Highlight brazier – R2

Highlight Guardian – R2

Use Guardian with arm

Use arm with tomb entrance

Press Circle x2

Click on hole in door

Use staff/bandage with beetle leg

In inventory, combine beetle leg and sticky dagger – get sticky beetle leg

Use sticky beetle leg with beetle (on door)

Press Circle


Click hole in floor (where the metal ball is) then click hole in bottom left corner of door

Click original hole in door

Highlight arm – R2

Use arm with ornamental arch, then metal ball

Highlight Guardian – R2

Use Guardian with metal ball

Highlight Guardian – R2

Use Guardian with metal ball, then “to the hall”

Highlight Guardian (in hall) – R2

Use Guardian with metal ball, then press Circle

Highlight hand – R2

Use hand with Guardian


The riddle?[/i]


[b]Geron's House[/b]

Use knife on curtain (left wall) – get strip of fabric

Use strip of fabric with pot (fireplace) – get greasy rag

Pick up whirlweed (by window)

Use whirlweed with birdbath, then add knife, then add greasy rag – get salve

Use salve with Nuri


[b]Forest Waterfall[/b]

[b]Chapter One Complete[/b] (G) unlocked

[i]Our victory over evil

Our last night by the campfire

All our humorous encounters[/i]

Exit left to Campground



Use Nuri with left stone pillar

[i]Eleven to fifteen

Crocus-colored brooch

From the northeast

To the northwest[/i]

Exit back left to Around the Clearing

Use knife with rope barrier

Exit into the Tent



Click objects until you find a key (you need to search a set amount of places before you get it)

Pick up key

Pick up exotic cucumbers

Use knife with wall hanging and exit outside



Pick up wedge (under cart wheel)

Use key with lock on left chest

Click chest and pick up chisel

Exit back left to Around the Clearing

Take the time to locate the hotspot for the hammer; this next part is timed.

Highlight bottle fortress, and walk to the chest on the cart – R2

Quickly pick up hammer

If you missed your opportunity, R2 the bottle again to rebuild it, then R2 to break it again to try again

In inventory, combine hammer and chisel

Exit back left to Around the Clearing

Use hammer and chisel with mask on far right pillar – get mask

Walk left

[i]I don't know

It was behind the tent


[b]Honesty Is The Best Policy[/b] (G) unlocked

Exhaust conversation


[b]Geron's House[/b]

Exit outside, then up to Marketplace, then exit to Taproom (right of the market stall)



Exit conversation

Talk to group of heroes

Question each once, then exit conversation


Talk to group of heroes

[i]Express suspicion

The Thorwalian is lying

He keeps dodging my questions[/i] – [b]Nosebleed[/b] (B) unlocked


Talk to group of heroes

[i]Express suspicion

The Thorwalian is lying

He wasn't even here[/i]

[b]Master Detective[/b] (G) unlocked after cutscenes

[i]Count me in[/i] – get charcoal and parchment and list

Press L2, then Circle – you will automatically pick up some shards

Exit to Geron's House and go inside


[b]Geron's House[/b]

L2, then Circle – get purple shards

Exit outside, then Marketplace, then Taproom



Use charcoal/parchment with Hilda – get rough sketch

Highlight wine barrel - R2

In inventory, combine shards, then R2 them – get glass box

Use glass box with leaky wine barrel – get wine bowl

Click pork roast – [b]Crispy[/b] (G) unlocked

Exit to Marketplace



Walk right

Exit via gate to Academy Courtyard


[b]Academy Courtyard[/b]

[i]Talk to Owlric Bodiak[/i]

Exit through door to Hallway, then back right to Dormitory



Before moving, MAKE A SAVE

Walk onto the brittle floorboards x3 – [b]Clumsy Oaf[/b] (B) unlocked


You need to get through this room without getting caught – reload save if you are. Walk left behind the red curtain, behind the bed and towards the student until you hit an obstacle, right across the floor until you reach the chests (walk out for the floorboards), then to the third chest, where you will find some shards.

Highlight shards – R2
L2, then Circle – get power accumulator

Walk between the beds immediately behind you, towards the student

Pick up strange artifact (on bed by student; stay in the dark part of the walkway or he'll see you)


Retrace your steps to exit the room – [b]Masterful Sneaker[/b] (B) unlocked

Exit through door to Hallway, then right to Library



Talk to Shadow (hotspot on sword plaque) – exhaust conversation, then exit

Use strange cucumbers, then wine bowl, with Shadow – get fake ruby

Exit through door to Hallway, then left to Magister's Chamber


[b]Magister's Chamber[/b]

Exhaust conversation

Exit to Hallway, then Academy Courtyard, then Marketplace, then Geron's House, then left to Forest


[b]Forest (formerly Campground)[/b]

Click bag – get magic seashell

Walk all the way right

Use magic seashell with far-right pillar – get good sketch

Walk left to Bryda

Use good sketch and fake ruby with Bryda


Use power accumulator (the one that looks like an egg in a nest) with Bryda – [b]Baited[/b] (B) unlocked

Use power accumulator (the real one) with Bryda



Pick up logs, rope, and pelt

In inventory, combine dagger and logs – get wooden stakes

Use pelt with flowery meadow (bottom right)

Use stakes with pelt

Pick up stakes

Pick up dandelion (next to flowery meadow)

Pick up stick (next to dandelion)

Use dandelion with flat stone (base of tree)

Use stick with pelt

Use rope with stick

Pick up another dandelion

Use dandelion with hole on far left


Keep clicking “bushes with end of rope” until you catch the rabbit – you'll likely have to move behind the bushes once the rabbit moves – [b]Firun's Disciple[/b] (S) unlocked. Reload if the rabbit escaped.

Pick up closed trap

Pick up flints (from Rachwan)

Use stakes, then flints, with fireplace

Exit left up the hill

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[b]Forest Maze[/b]

[b]Chapter Two Complete[/b] (B) unlocked


Note: at some point the game may offer to let you skip the maze. DO NOT. You can use the berries in your inventory to mark where you came from, if you're worried about getting lost – just use them with the path.


Take paths in order: upper right / upper left x2 / up

You should see a fox – [b]Phex Be With You[/b] (B) unlocked

Continue in order: up / right x3. You are now back where you started (notice the berries on the ground)

Continue: bottom left / up You should see the dagger in the tree.

Continue: upper right / middle x4. You should be at a monolith.

Pick up rope with loop

Continue: bottom left / right / left / bottom right x2. You are back at the dagger.

Use rope with dagger, then pick up dagger

Continue: upper right / middle x4 (monolith) / upper left. Sadja will comment about the vines and needing her dagger.

Go back and forth between this screen and the monolith until [b]The Journey's The Reward[/b] (B) unlocks.

Use dagger with big thorn bush, then exit left

Pick up shrubs

In inventory, combine shrubs and rope, then add flints – get fire

Use fire with spiderweb

Pick up staff – [b]Level Up[/b] (S) unlocked

Continue: up x4 / upper left

Exit to Waterfall



[i]Tell the truth[/i] x2, then exit

Pick up stone

Use stone with small waterfall

Exit up the hill (on right)

Use dagger with branch (hotspot where the two large branches meet)

Use branch with large waterfall

Pick up branch – get branch and necklace

MAKE A SAVE. Sometimes the game will lock up if you make a mistake during this kind of spell.

In inventory, select necklace and press R2

Select rock painting (campfire) / Rachwan / Old Amazon – get piece of cloth

In inventory, select cloth and press R2

Select rock painting (fruit) / Rachwan / amazon shield

Use dagger with Rachwan





[b]Chapter Three Complete[/b] (B) unlocked

Exhaust conversation with Nuri

Click latrines to be transported to a new area


[b]Owlric's House[/b]

Click crows

[i]Enter the house[/i]

Pick up ruler

Use ruler with books

Pick up lockpicks

Use lockpicks with door and enter the house

Go up ladder

Pick up broom, then go back down ladder

Highlight statue – R2

Highlight dust – R2

Repeat until [b]Sadist[/b] (S) unlocks (around 10x). You will unlock [b]Doombringer[/b] (S) on the way. Make sure the statue is dust before continuing

Pick up candle

Pick up honey

Pick up drawer

Use drawer with dust

Use broom with dust

Highlight dust – R2

Use candle with key the statue is holding, then pick it up

Go outside

In inventory, combine waxen mold with honey

Use mold/honey with shadow (left) – get enchanted waxen mold

In inventory, combine knife and enchanted waxen mold – get key

Go inside and up the ladder

Use key with lock, click door and enter Owlric's Office


[b]Owlric's Office[/b]

Pick up container

Click drawing, then click the secret compartment behind it

Click studies

Click petrified rat

Use container with dust

Use container/dust with strange gleam (at base of ladder)

Highlight strange gleam – R2

Pick up ruby


[b]Snowy Pass[/b]

Exhaust dialogue

Highlight plant – R2 (x2)

In inventory, select Rachwan's necklace and press R2

Select icy glitter / icicle / snow

Highlight thorn bush – R2

Use branch with fireplace (left of petrified thorn bush) then add flints

Highlight grass under Rachwan - R2

Use mask with Rachwan

[I](2)...fasgan esplas

(3)...grasz ferell

(2)...bemutir gherul

(1)...quatan pheluntir[/i]


[b]Owlric's Office[/b]

Exit to attic

left-most stone head – ice

stone head hanging above the cow skull – air

stone head hanging next to the cow skull – fire

stone head on chest – water

stone head behind Geron – ore

stone head hanging up on right – earth

Click ???



[b]Chapter Four Complete[/b] (B) unlocked

Exhaust dialogue

When you get to the imprisoned prince, choose [i]Innocence[/i]


Use mask, staff, and dagger with abyss – [b]Renegade[/b] (S) unlocked when you regain control


Use mask, staff, and dagger with Xerxes (air adept) – [b]Being Kind[/b] (B) unlocked when you regain control

Exit to main hall (you can't)

Click plant

[i]Play with me

Let's play hide and seek

You hide me from the magicians[/i] – [b]A Knack For Spirits[/b] (B) unlocked


Click observatory

Click a horn, then click the sphere directly above it. Do this with all three horns – [b]Big Brother[/b] (S) unlocked

Exit outside

Click left window

(Timed segment; read the next few steps before starting)

Pick up kettle

Use kettle with stove, then exit

Click right window

Pick up dagger, then exit

(Timed section over)

Click “along the stream of water”

[i]Protest innocence

The prince's plan[/i]

Exit dialogue

Use dagger with admiral


[b]Dragon Hall[/b]

Click dark corner – get darkness lamp

Exit to Main Hall, then right to Library



Click “to the reading room”

Talk to Ariarchos

[i]Halef ben Jalif

Garden of oblivion

Three chambers[/i] then exit - get drawing

Exit to Main Hall, then left to Ore Laboratory


[b]Ore Laboratory[/b]


Research mask[/i] then exit

Pick up goblet

Click staff

In inventory, select goblet – R2

Select ores / tea table / mask

In inventory, select goblet – R2

Select tablet / broom / ??? (the glowing thing)

[i]Reverse mask's magic[/i] x2, then exit

Use ruby with ore adept

[i]Pressure the researcher[/i]

Highlight magical contraption – R2

In inventory, select goblet – R2

Select crystal / whetstone / broom

Highlight ore adept – R2 – get ruby and mask

In inventory, combine ruby and darkness – get reversed darkness

Pick up ??? - get ??? and ore spirit

Exit via window, then “along the stream of water”


[b]Council Room[/b]

Use ??? with left lantern – get fire spirit

Click seal on bottom of right-most pillar

Click stool

Highlight all seven plants and R2 them all

Highlight seal – R2

Exit to Dragon Hall, then Main Hall, then Library



Go to the reading room

Use ??? with bookshelf – get ice spirit

Exit the reading room, but stay in the library

Click stained glass window (floor) – make sure you're in the close-up

Use reversed darkness with stained glass window

Exit to Main Hall, then Underground Lake


[b]Underground Lake[/b]

Use ??? with lake – get water spirit

Use drawing with ornament (on ground), then click it

Just like before, click the stool, petrify the plants, and R2 the seal

Exit to Main Hall, then Outside, then Roof



Walk left

Use ??? with garden beds – get earth spirit – [b]Elementalist[/b] (S) unlocked

Click “look down”

The air spirit is already in place. Put the spirits in clockwise order from the air spirit: ice / water / ore / earth / fire. If you mess up, just use ??? to bring the spirits back.

Click seal in center of all the spirits

Again, click the stool, petrify the plants, and R2 the seal


[i]I understood everything[/i]



Walk as far left as you can, then up – you should hit a hotspot

Click hotspot and enter – [b]Seek And Ye Shall Find[/b] (S) unlocked

Exit room and walk to monolith

Click seal on ground

Use rope with monolith, then exit down rope

Click stool

[i]Let me go

Kill me

Challenge lie

You can't kill me[/i]


[b]Forest Waterfall[/b]

[b]Chapter Five Complete[/b] (S) unlocked

Go down and exit to forest, then click on “into the bog”



Highlight rope (across the river) – R2

Use the tree trunk to cross, and exit deeper into the bog

Talk to group leader

[i]Messenger[/i] then exit

Go back to the previous screen and cross the tree trunk

Highlight rope – R2

Exit left to the map


Whenever you're back on the map, you should see a red dot moving to random places; this is the messenger. You want to get to him. He'll go to one of the areas, usually the forest but sometimes the hill, rock, etc. When you choose the correct hotspot, L2 and Circle and you'll automatically approach him.


Talk to messenger

[i]Send into the moor[/i]

Go to the bog



Pick up scroll

Exit to map, then “into the woods” (whichever hotspot has torchlights in it)


[b]In the Woods[/b]

Use scroll with group leader

Exit to map, then Waterfall


[b]Forest Waterfall[/b]

Talk to Nuri

[i]Send Nuri on a route

Start at the river

Over the cliff

To the moor

Yes, cause some confusion[/i]

Exit to map, then In the Woods (the hotspot you were at before, and that you just saw a cutscene in)


[b]In the Woods[/b]

Click on tree



Pick up lamp

Walk all the way right

Use knife with tent wall, and click it

Use lamp with forest map

Exhaust conversation until you can leave (if you're actually interested in the story, make sure you choose “I'm ready” LAST)



[b]Chapter Six Complete[/b] (B) unlocked

Pick up vine

Pick up shuriken

Pick up mace (on weapons cabinet) (x2)

Pick up longsword – get longsword and scabbard

Use vine with weapons cabinet, then click weapons rack – they should now be connected

In inventory, combine shuriken and longsword

In inventory, combine scabbard and mace

Use longsword/shuriken with shield

Pick up shield

Use longsword and mace with place of impact, then add shield

Walk on bridge and exit up

Pick up halberd, then exit down

Pick up the bridge pieces

Rebuild the bridge with the longsword and the halberd, then add the shield

Exit up

Use mace with glass case

Pick up heavy sword, then exit down

Pick up the bridge pieces

Put all the weapons and the shield on the weapons rack

Click weapons rack, then entrance

Pick up staff

Highlight floating crystal – R2

Exit outside, and follow the path into the Flotation Chamber


[b]Flotation Chamber[/b]

Pick up stones

Click all three clerics – get scepter, belt, and quill

Use stones with Prince x3

Talk to Ariarchos – get tower key

Use tower key with tower door

Exit to tower



Exit up right to Up Tower 1

Click crystal

Exit right to Bridge 1

Pick up ornamental head

Exit to Tower 1

Click crystal

Exit to Bridge 1, then exit right to Tower 2

Use ornamental head with floating crystal

Pick up crystal splinter

In inventory, select crystal splinter – R2

Go up the ladder

Click floating crystal (left)

Exit left to Tower 1

Click crystal, then exit right to Bridge 1

In inventory, select crystal – R2

Use crystal with tentacles

Use belt with floating crystal

Click floating crystal

Exit right to Tower 2, then Bridge 2

Use dagger with left tentacle

Exit right to Tower 3, then Up Tower 3

Exit left to Bridge 2

Click floating crystal (if you can't reach it, you cut the wrong tentacle), then go back into Tower 3

Click each pillar. From left to right: torch bracket / armor / statue / shield / nothing

Click crystal (right wall)

Exit right through window

Use dagger with tentacles (above Prince)

Highlight main crystal (on ceiling) - R2



Click self

Follow the path up and right

Pick up staff (by dragon)

Walk right

Use staff, then bandage, with Young Amazon


[b]Outside Burial Chamber[/b]

[b]Chapter Seven Complete[/b] (B) unlocked

Highlight power accumulator – R2

Highlight mask – R2

Highlight power accumulator – R2

In inventory, select Nuri's necklace and press R2

Select campfire / river / mountain top

MAKE A SAVE. My game froze twice during this next part.

In inventory, select Nuri's necklace and press R2

Select power accumulator / Geron / Nuri

Highlight Geron – R2

Exit to Burial Chamber


[b]Burial Chamber[/b]

Exhaust conversation

[i]All right...[/i]

Use mask with bust

[i]Yes, I'm ready

I'll do it

She sat down

She looked into the mask

And read the spell[/i]

Exit outside


[b]Outside Burial Chamber[/b]

When you regain control, go back into the Burial Chamber, grab the ruby (it was covered up before) and come back outside

Use ruby with Fahi

[i]They were friends

She's being harangued for no reason

I get it[/i]

Exit to Burial Chamber


[b]Burial Chamber[/b]


Click tomb

[i]And despaired

She couldn't read

Change her back[/i] – [b]Finish Line[/b] (B) unlocked


[b]Chapter Eight Complete[/b] (S) at credits


Click tomb

[i]And despaired

She couldn't read

Leave her as she is[/i] – [b]A Gift Called Freedom[/b] and [b]Platin Trophy[/b] (P) unlocked


Interestingly, if you let the cutscenes run, you'll also unlock [b]Getting the Job Done[/b] (S) here as well, just before the credits roll.

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