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ReZERO - Starting Life in Another World - The Prophecy of the Throne
ReZERO - Starting Life in Another World - The Prophecy of the Throne

Here is how to get a couple MISC trophies

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Waterside Flower Garden (unlock both swimsuit pics) - This requires multiple playthroughs. First to unlock the third option when first talking to Mili (remember the other time). Then you choose to invite Beatrice. Beat the game again to save the path, then replay a third time and choose to go without Beatrice.


Rosewaal Ending (Path I've Walked, also nets you a missing entry in the Memory Album) -  First, you need to beat the game.


Next time you start the game, you grab the flower, give it to REM, get the tea, go to the left waypoint in the main entryway (west hall to Beatrice) then choose to spend time with Mili. It ends but puts you back to get the tea again. You just repeat above, go to the west hall (left waypoint) and spend time with Beatrice. It ends once more, now go to answer the door with tea and I choose the Who is this handsome guy option. Then it should give another option after, go see Roswaal. 

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