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Member of the Month - January 2021

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After much deliberation and burning the midnight oil whilst partaking in the finest wines and cheeses in PST's wine cellar, we have now decided who should be bestowed the honour of being our next Member of the Month so please put your hands together for the pun meister himself....ImStylinOnYaBro!

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Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the PSN ID?


Wow, this is exciting! My heart's racing; I think I’m going to have a heart attack. It is a privilege to have been extended the esteemed honour of MotM. My name is Jordan (the D isn't silent) but my mates mostly call me Stan, Mr. Pink or The Sultan of Simulation. I am 31 years of age and reside in Pennsylvania, USA. I have a Bachelor's in Building Science, though I chose to go down the path of a fitness orientated career after losing 100 pounds some years ago. I also have a beloved little Shih Tzu with the moniker of Goliath – a fine animal indeed. When I’m not misconstruing highly immersive simulator games as reality, I can be found exercising, playing fingerstyle guitar, enthralled in F1/NASCAR or watching a film/TV series.


What sort of setup do you have going back home for your gaming?


This question sounds as though I am away and not able to game. I would tell you to close your eyes and visualize the setup, but seeing as this is in text format, you wouldn’t be able to read the details to invasion said setup. For picture, I’ve got a60 inch Panasonic plasma from their final plasma lineup. For sound, there is an LG soundbar. Nothing supreme but it sounds a hell of a lot better than TV speakers. Consoles range from PS3 all the way to PS4. All of this sits on three tiers of tempered glass and held together by rigid American-made steel. Not a fan of BBC’s (big black consoles) from that other company.




How long have you been gaming and what made you decide PlayStation as your gaming companion?


It’s been 22 years and I can still smell that "new console" smell. The power button had never been pressed. A game had never been played. They said greatness awaits and it did. It really did. That’s what I remember from buying my PS1 just a few weeks after playing one for the first time. Playstation does make a swell companion, I'll never forget the first time, where it all went down on a friends couch. I couldn’t believe the splendour displayed on the television screen as I first played Twisted Metal and Tomb Raider. At that precise moment in time, the PS1 had overtaken Rose’s drawing scene in Titanic as the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Right then and there I knew, I'd never let go of Playstation being my console of choice.


What was the last game you bought and what's the next one you’re looking forward to?


During one of the Holiday sales, I picked up Train Sim World. Inspired to complete it for the Push2Plat “Now or Never” event, it was mine, at long last. TSW is as authentic as it gets on PS4, in terms of simulation, outside of Train Sim World 2. Only the most keen of ferroequinologists (train experts) can expect to complete this behemoth, as you need a locomotive-ation and a potential second mortgage to complete all trophies on the lists. With 23 DLC, your spending can go off the rails quickly. As for what I’m looking forward to next, good question. It certainly isn't the next overhyped, bloated, AAA open world collectathon (anything along the lines of Horizon: Forbidden West or anything Ubisoft/Bethesda). I bet you're sat there wondering "What simulator is it?" Well, I hate to burst your bubble but it’s not a simulator. The game just so happens to be the o-fish-ial sequel sequel to I am Bread and it's called I am Fish. From Bossa Studios, this is an un-bowl-ievably cute game about a goldfish. You sea, the purpose is to escape imprisonment as a pet by navigating your way to the ocean, whilst not shattering your bowl. Due to signing a closed beta NDA, I am not at liberty to disclose any of the other wonderful surprises you will encounter along the way. This game is due to surface later in 2021. 




If you had the chance to improve the PlayStation and/or PSN store, what one thing would you like to see implemented?


This is such an easy answer; I don’t even think it could fall in the $200 range in the opening round of Jeopardy. I would revert the PSN store back to how it used to be. It’s now just an absolute monstrosity and I think its utter wank. While at it, I'd get rid of every "PS5 friendly chat feature for PS4" change they made. Everything now takes many a more button presses to do the exact same things. Constantly getting new message groups is also doesn’t blow my skirt up. Also, bring the message app back. The new eye candy PSN app doesn't let you use landscape mode and more often than not, rarely notifies me of a new message. I take messages seriously, as typically they are inquiries by people trying to get info on Simulator trophies. Sure, it’s more than one thing but these were all features not in need of fixing. 


If you could add one title to the PSN store from any gaming system past or present what would it be?


Microsoft Flight Simulator. Essentially the only game they’ve ever produced that gave me a modicum of a shimmer of a glimmer of a notion to consider purchasing one of their BBC's.


How much of a certified trophy whore are you? Does the trophy list play any part in the decision to play or buy a game or do you base that decision entirely on the game?


If a lady of the night had ever slept with ever man in NYC, that’s the level of trophy whore I used to be. I did things that would make 2 girls 1 cup look a proper dessert. I burnt myself out of trophy hunting less than two years into hunting back on the PS3. Remember those days, when trophies didn’t just throw themselves at you? A triumphant return was made in 2015, with a pledge to play games that interest me,and I’m still going strong. The only influence a list has on me playing a game is whether or not there are unobtainable trophies. I will even skip a beloved simulator if there is a bugged trophy. Case in point, Forestry 2017: The Simulation. I fancy a nice blend of difficulty and grind in my games. Whilst no one said trophy hunting had to be hard, no one said it had to be too easy. When I’m feeling lazy, I stay motive by pretending Howard Payne is observing my profile. I try to earn fifty a month and if I go below 50, the profile will explode.


What would you say was your proudest platinum and why?


Surgeon Simulator. The Platinum itself, depicting the Staff of Hermes, told me there is nothing left to teach.




Along with my expired First Aid/CPR license of 10+ years, I know have a surgical license. The best part is that I'm not drowning in hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt from a "well respected" medical school. Why spend 7 years or more for an MD, when I could achieve this in a little over seven days? It’s call efficient use of time and in a life threatening situation can save lives.




If the end of the world was nigh and you had to grab three games/franchises to take with you to play out your final days to, what would they be?


The end of the world is a bit vague. Is it a meteor? Have the nukes flown? Has there just been a general collapse from Climate change? Regardless, I’d like to survive as far into this predicament as possible to see what it was like. No doubt in my mind I would need to bring at least Hunting Simulator and Ultimate Fishing Simulator. These games would go a long way to help me hone the crafts and stay adequately nourished. Simple maths tells us there is one title left to choose. More specifically, geometry tells us the final game in this equation. Since I would do my damnedest to stay away from any potentially hostile foes, I would probably select the original Tomb Raider. Even though her boobs are triangles, they certainly are acute pair.


What brought you to PST and what keeps you coming back?


I believe I was playing Uncharted and needed help finding collectibles. By utilizing the Bing search engine, Playstation3trophies.org showed up. I was taken back at the wealth of information the site had to offer, especially with trophies being in their infancy. Now I typically come back for the Completionist leaderboard. Whether it’s the same rehashed fortnightly arguments, where the “Will the Circle be Unbroken” song from Bioshock Infinite plays in your head, or seeing what trophy hurdles folks are trying to overcome, there is always something intriguing. I enjoy encouraging individuals to push on almost as much as stoking the flames!


If you were an admin of PST for a day, what would you do and why?


I would remove all censorship and cookie cutter guidelines for trophy guides that can flourish without being trapped their stranglehold. It’s hard to express yourself through writing with so very little room for expression. A few guides on a plethora of sites have not been green lit, even though I write guides for games that don’t need them, despite giving in-depth punny instructions on how to achieve everything. Before time as admin is up, I would get MickeyMix to backdoor a way to keep the rule permanent. I would also deploy a method to write guides for a singular trophy, like on TA. It promotes a nice spitballing of ideas and go-to source for all things related to that specific trophy.


"Ask him about his pun obsession and why he's chosen recent certain milestone trophies/Platinums (Unicorn Princess, Bibi and Tina, Barbie Puppy Rescue et.c)"


A fantastic question, I suspect I know the one who asked this.... A complex taste for puns was acquired through watching Jeopardy with my grandparents.




I also really enjoy the word play and seeing how much goes right over someone’s head. I also think they can bring quite the value of humor to guides for a game that is otherwise dull. I also like using such spectacular games for milestones because it looks incredibly sweet on my profile. I’m just fascinated with magical, mystical creatures like the Unicorn. I don’t know if they exist but I'd like to think they do somewhere. Bibi and Tina is also a horse related experience, with a rather catchy soundtrack. My heart thumps like a stallion at full gallop when I hear the theme, "Here come Bibi und Tina, on Amadeus and Sabrina. With wind in their hair, they're riders with flair. Friends that really care, friends that really care"  Who doesn’t love puppies and blondes so hot you could have a summer Barbie-cue? Some call these games shameful but I think the shame is on them for being too embarrassed to just express themselves by playing these experiences.


Tell us about your epic bromance with the White Boyz


I’m always down to talk about the homies from the MV, ya feel me? The whole things started right as 2020 really took a turn for the worst. Out of nowhere their interactive music album dropped on PSN…for FREE! I have to pick it up and was blown away. Up until that point, I had never heard any rap music (other than my own from high school when I was the Rabid Rappa) that wasn’t downright terrible. If you think I can’t rap, just ask Honda Hoe. I showed them a song I did and he replied with the fire emoji. Anyway, I reached out to the Whiteboyz to see if they'd be willing to appear on a gaming podcast. I was fearful I'd get no reply, because how often do famous celebs take the time to reply to anything? They were down to appear, because they are chill as heck yo. I then had my rap passion reignited and decided to write a Trophy Guide. The homies were supportive and were real interested to see what rhymes I could come up. Long story short, they chose to host my guide in its original form. I suggest visiting wwarap.com and navigating to fan art, then scrolling down to Trophy Guides. You'll never see another like it, plus it's all pimped out in the sexy WWA font and colour scheme. One of the WWA is a game developer and did all the work making their game. Pretty nifty that they didn't need to outsource to China like Naughty Dog did for their lazily done effort on TLOU 2. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see a collaboration in the future. Peace and love from Doc White and Crushed Ice.


Any final words for the community?


Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable time reading this. If not, why did you keep reading? I would like to challenge each and every last one of you to platinum a simulator this year. The world is becoming more accepting and I see no reason for you to discriminate and show perpetual hatred towards such a classy genre. Remember, you can’t achieve true stimulation without simulation. Auf Wiedersehen.

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@Martz @Alex Fly @felatio thanks dudes! 
@sum1_worsethan_u thanks for the glowing review. There are plenty of people worse than u.

@AerisFlowerGirl you on pst is rare as a 1st edition charizard. You’ve got plenty of good lines yourself. I can do a blog at anytime, just don’t know if I could be consistent. 

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3 hours ago, The Alchemist said:



Congrats, enjoy your month of fame. It's always nice to see someone else who appreciates WWA and their exquisite musical numbers 

heck yeah boiiii. They make the London philharmonic look like children banging pots and pans, and blowing into glass bottles to make music.

4 hours ago, stpatty said:

I am deeply suspicious of puns and people who like them. I played Surgeon Simulator for about three minutes and knew I would never platinum it.

3 minutes and I’d have completed a heart, brain, and tooth transplant.

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Great interview, Mr. Pink and congrats. Thoroughly enjoyed it! 


On 1/30/2021 at 5:27 PM, Terminator said:

I suggest visiting wwarap.com and navigating to fan art, then scrolling down to Trophy Guides. You'll never see another like it, plus it's all pimped out in the sexy WWA font and colour scheme.

It's actually true, lmao. 



I would choose Bee Simulator if I had to play one. 

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Thank you for giving my another Earworm with Tina & Bibi :D

I played Last Year hannah Montanna for the Spring Clean Up i think and this was enjoyable as Hell as Well.


I guess i allready answer this Question to you on the LB Thread but a Train or new Town management Game would be in the possibles this Year. But my Backlog is to Huge to start something i usally play on PC ^^


Congrats well deserved.

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17 hours ago, mattigummi said:

Great interview, Mr. Pink and congrats. Thoroughly enjoyed it! 


It's actually true, lmao. 



I would choose Bee Simulator if I had to play one. 

Glad you enjoyed the read. Did you think i was fucking with the WWA guide stuff? i don't mess around when it comes to the WWA. Bee sim would be a solid choice. its fairly short and has an adorable story. 


@MickeyMix thanks! IDGAF which one, those are both great simulators!.


@FootballPsychothanks. i would recommend bee simulator as a nice way to jump in.


@Ashbo will do fo sho, thanks.


2 hours ago, Darth_Krid said:

Bloody hell, these are desperate times.


You've not only scraped through the bottom of the barrel, but the concrete floor and halfway through the Earth's mantle too!

Congrats mate ;)

:rofl: i'd expect nothing less. i've been turning this down for years, but finally chose to accept ;)  cheers , mate! :D 


@Meikoroglad you have the earnworm. quality german television, i must say. wish i could sing it all in german, i know only bits and pieces. 

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Well i guess you know it but Bibi & Tina are just a Sub Series to the Orginal: Bibi Blocksberg. Wich is the Story of a Young Witch. I allways enjoy this. Same goes for Wiki the Viking (Wiki der Wikinger) Biene Mja and Heidi. :D


Take that Japan we have our own Animes  with Cute Girls XD

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Congrats Mate, you are without a doubt one of the best value people I have meet in gaming. Don't ever let the lines contain you when there is so much fun to be had in the margins. Who cares if it is published or not. I will take on your sim challenge with an effort no less than you would expect for in this universe we write our on rules, the baby may just go out with bathwater. I look forward to welcoming you home soon we are all waiting in the green, no need to be blue.


Never change buddy, glad you were my first time, my post #1.

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