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nothing like losing progress...


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i LOVE losing an hour's progress doing mundane shit just because i accidentally stole a tin can or some useless garbage off of moira's counter when i was trying to talk to her. here's a clue: don't strew random 'stealable' garbage all over the place when you don't need too. then maybe you wouldn't make games that crash all the time. 

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yeah, i know, lol. i was trying to moderate my saves a bit so i wouldn't glitch out the game. thankfully, i'm done with all the missable/glitchable trophies (except for getting one bobblehead), and i have to check the dlcs. but i've only had one true system freeze, and several 'temporary freezes', where i just had to wait long enough (mostly about a minute or two) and the game would restart where it left off. generally, this was a slow-motion shooting scene. basically, i'm enjoying the game quite a bit, but i'd enjoy it a lot more without the freezing...

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