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Trophies Popping But Not Counting


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Wondering if anyone has encountered this or found a fix for it. I was playing Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5. The only trophy I needed to get platinum was to beat the game on NG+. So I beat the game, the trophy popped, then the platinum popped. When the platinum popped I hit the playstation button and pressed X on the 'View Trophies' option. It took me to my Spider-Man Miles Morales trophies but the platinum wasn't completed. I scrolled to the NG+ trophy and it also wasn't completed.


I tried syncing with PlayStation Network. That didn't fix it. So I tried going offline by turning my network connection off. When I view my trophies offline it shows both trophies completed and that I'm at 100%. The second I connect back to the network, it changes back to 98% completion with the NG+ trophy and platinum trophy both incomplete.


I also tried reloading an older save and replaying the final mission on NG+. This did not pop either trophy again.


I'm planning on contacting support when they open back up tomorrow but wanted to check here for help as well.





Going into my trophies, hitting the options button, and selecting Sync with PlayStation Network.



Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Game Status > Sync with PlayStation Network.


Instantly fixed it.

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Issue solved.
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