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What are your gaming goals for 2021?

The Alchemist

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On 5/2/2021 at 3:12 PM, Furious Gargoyle said:





 1. 24(P)(26(P)

2. 1,180(I) (1,500) RDR 2 screwed me with this one, Maybe Max Payne 3 too.

3. 92.82% (>92%) ✔️ Was as high as 93.21

4. 6 Ultra Rare (P) (5 Ultra Rare (P)✔️ Already made it.

5. 3.46% (Ultra Rare % >3%)✔️

6. 2 (Get 5(P) > 7.5 PST.Org Difficulty)  Ran out of time on Max Payne 3 and The Evil Within.

7.  worked through some of my backlog but none of the ones named. I did clear some that I didn't think I ever would (Wipeout and Dying Light DLC)

8. Yeah, Does a PS5 even exist?

9. ✔️ I did start getting into ES:O right at the end of the year.


To sum it up, not bad but probably didn't challenge myself enough for my liking and RDR 2 and Max Payne 3 online grinding killed my year. Had a decent THL (well for me anyway) which helped at the end.

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On 9/20/2021 at 9:38 AM, felatio said:

Knocked down one of the goals, that means it's time for an update!


- Reach 350 (P) (Currently at 346)

- Reach 13,000 trophies (Currently at 12,483)

- Reach 75% Completion (Currently at 75.33%)

- Reduce backlog to at least 50 games (Gotten it down to 115)


Final update of 2021:


- Reach 350 (P) (Currently at 398)

- Reach 13,000 trophies (Currently at 13,446)

- Reach 75% Completion (Currently at 77.04%)

- Reduce backlog to at least 50 games (Still around 115, knocked down a few but added some new ones)


All in all a successful year, knocked down 3 of my 4 goals that I had set and also broke my personal best records for both (P)'s popped and overall trophy numbers.  Next year I need to focus more on the backlog and less on all the juicy game deals lol.

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Let's see how I did! Keeping in mind that I played a lot of X360 this year to experience three Halo games and four Gears of War games, so time spent with them affected these "goals".


On 1/1/2021 at 2:06 PM, AshtimusPrime said:

190 platinums (+14). I usually earn around 15 a year so I don't imagine I'll get to 200 this year.


187 platinums (+11). Likely could've reached this goal, but oh well.


On 1/1/2021 at 2:06 PM, AshtimusPrime said:

11,500 trophies (+1,090). This would mean earning over 1,000 trophies, which I've never done outside of a THL year, but 11,000 is less than 600 away so might as well round it up to the next 500.


11,005 (+595). Haha, should've stuck with the target of 11,000! 165 of this year's trophies I earned this December, so this was going to be close to being one of my lowest three years, but instead was my fourth lowest, haha.


On 1/1/2021 at 2:06 PM, AshtimusPrime said:

92% completion rate (+1.40%). I was nearly 94% last January and dropped to the current 90.60% because of my gaming habits in 2020. Let's try and get back to 92% and stay there.


91.86% completion rate (+1.26%). Oof, so close. If I had one more day I would've got this done. Or if I hadn't started The Force Unleashed II on the 26th December. Oh well!

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Here's my final update for 2021.

Trophy total: 4500 (3,600)
Platinum total: 75 (74)
Completion: 90% (85.95%)
Complete two games for every new addition to the backlog-Totally lost track...I know I failed miserably :(
Complete at least 70% of unfinished PS3 games (both existing and anything I start in 2021) (13/19)

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Apparently I didn't post in this thread, I thought I did.


But I got 50 Plats this year...which is more than any year before (previous record was 36 in 2018). However it is in large part because I played at least 2 EZPZ's every single month in between more mainstream games. It was on purpose to see what kind of damage I could do without going completely overboard. I see now how people are blasting out 100+ Plats a year.  Without those EZPZ's, I'd be nowhere close to 50....and I probably never will again, I'll still play an EZPZ here and there, but not going ham like I did this year.  I expect 2022 will be rather low. 

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On 8/24/2021 at 12:44 PM, felatio said:

Popped my 199th (P) on New Years Day this year.  Think a reachable goal would be to get to 350 (P) by the end of the year, only 28 more to go!  Maybe getting to 13,000 trophies would be a good sub-goal to shoot for as well.


Completion percentage wise I'm aiming to crack 75% by end of year, getting close just need to complete a few that are in various stages.  Which leads me into the next sub-goal, knocking down some of that backlog!  If I can get that down to less then 50 games that would be ideal.


So to summarize the goals for the last 4 months of 2021:


- 350 (P) (Currently at 322)

- Reach 13,000 trophies (Currently at 11,956)

- Reach 75% Completion (Currently at 73.86%)

- Reduce backlog to at least 50 games (Currently over 125, about 30 of which have been at least started and are awaiting completion/clean up)


Forgot to go back and see how I did with last years' set of goals.


Goal #1:  Reach 350 (P) - Status ACHIEVED - Ended year with 398 (P)

Goal #2:  Reach 13,000 trophies - Status ACHIEVED - Ended year at 13,452

Goal #3:  Reach 75% completion - Status ACHIEVED - Ended year at 77.5% completion

Goal #4:  Reduce backlog to 50 games - Status FAILED - Still over 100 backlogged games


3/4 isn't too bad!  :smoke:

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