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Black Friday Giveaway


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Since I got your attention with the title, let me do a bit of housekeeping first:


If you haven't already, sign up for our big annual holiday event, which you can find here.


Also, we're in the process of putting together something, and we're asking for your help. The second of several polls can be found here, please make sure you keep an eye on Off Topic in the coming days for more.


With all that out of the way, hi. Things have been pretty wild around here the last few weeks, and through no fault of our own, Sony went ahead and launched a new console right in the middle of our big site update, and we've barely had a chance to acknowledge that yet, so let's start with a giveaway.


I'm giving away a copy of any Playstation 5 game that's currently available. I know what you're saying, "Mendel, you fool, PS5s are rarer than Bigfoot, you absolute fool." Fair, I deserve that, but as our own Deceiver pointed out, for those of you that don't have one yet but plan on upgrading, now you can have a game waiting for you when you manage to get your filthy little mitts on a PS5.


Comments below count as a sign up, although I certainly wouldn't turn down any Thanksgiving related arts and crafts as tribute.



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