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[Video] Trophy Walkthrough


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00:00 Intro

00:50 Shot by the Police

01:28 Bludgeoned by a Steel Pipe

01:55 Punched to Death by Nene Kurushima

02:19 Stabbed by a Katana

02:38 Neck Snapped

03:16 Head Hit upon Impact with Minoken

03:53 Shot by Detective Kuji

04:17 Bludgeoned by a Metal Bat

05:05 Swallowed by Bugs in Hospital Room

05:32 Swallowed by Bugs [1]

05:51 Swallowed by Bugs [2]

06:30 Swallowed by Bugs [3]

06:55 Swallowed by Bugs [4]

07:39 Shot by Kuji

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With the new site, we are no longer allowing trophy guide videos to be posted without some substance outside of the video itself.  


If you want to add content, please contact a mod so that we can unlock this. For future reference, we will start deleting these kinds of threads.

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