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Platinum Walkthrough


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00:00 Intro

01:03 Immortal

01:47 Forget Something?

03:18 Make a backup save

03:55 Renounce to Dash

04:08 Reload backup save

04:40 Renounce to Double jump

06:38 Make a backup save

07:46 Renounce to passthrough Doors

08:02 Reload backup save

08:59 Renounce to passthrough Floors

11:36 Batteriy 1

13:20 Battery 2

14:04 Make a backup save

14:45 Renounce to Teleportation

15:00 Reload backup save

15:35 Renounce to Minimize

28:08 Battery 3

31:40 New Game+

32:45 Renounce to nothing

37:46 Close Collaboration

41:08 Missing Soldier

44:42 Fuuuusion

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