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Platinum Walkthrough


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🏆00:00 Intro

00:33 Hate Steam (Missable)

00:37 Love Steam (Missable)

03:09 The Fly

04:36 Hacker

05:02 Naughty Girl (Missable)

05:16 Do not bother me (Missable)

08:15 Try it (Missable)

09:02 First contact

12:25 Got power

13:12 Fear can kill (Missable)

16:56 Fire extinguisher (Missable)

17:55 Smart girl

18:05 So strange (Missable)

22:21 Someone is watching (Missable)

25:53 Kind (Missable)

31:50 Underground mansion

38:26 Killer

38:30 The True (Missable)

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Using this video guide I can personally vouch for this IF you follow it step by step and also listen to the commentary warnings. Just posting this because of the comments in this video made me hesitate starting this game. Well it was all the opposite for me:


- I never died once during my run except for the needed parts regarding trophies.

- Had no issues with the big spider.

- No clipping, glitching, crashing or whatsover called bugs. All good!

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