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Legendary animals - same missions keep showing up?


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As of August 30, Harriett can only send you after 9 different legendary animals (one beaver, one bison, one boar, one cougar, one elk, one fox, one gator, one ram, and one wolf). At any given time, she will give you the option to choose from three sampling missions of these nine. As well, you are free to choose to skin the animals (instead of sampling them), after which you can take the skins to Gus instead of Harriett for the opportunity to buy some sweet-looking outfits.


Also as of August 30, there are a total of 31 legendary animals that can be sampled/skinned. The other 22 need to be found in Free Roam. If you only want samples, 10 of the 22 can be sampled via Protect Legendary Animal or Animal Tagging missions. However, as they can only be skinned in Free Roam, you need to get used to the idea of farming for extremely rare animal spawns if you want to fill out that compendium.


Last... there are 11 more legendary animals that have yet to be revealed. Based on past DLC, they will not be fully revealed for another six weeks or so.

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Never wrote a follow-up to that last message:


The Legendary Animals update finished up sometime last fall, and here is a breakdown of what to get and how to get it:


There are 14 different legendary animal types - Bear, Beaver, Bison, Boar, Buck, Cougar, Coyote, Elk, Fox, Gator, Moose, Panther, Ram, Wolf. Each animal type carries three variants, and each must be found/harvested at least twice for a sample and a skin. The four legendary groups in your compendium (Dark, Light, Red/Blonde, Patterned) are fairly arbitrary and often incorrect (for example, the Chalk Ram really should be Light and the Gabbro Ram should obviously be Patterned, but they are reverse of that), but really don't matter for any reason other than turning in completed sets to Harriett. In my experience, the easiest set to complete is Dark, and the hardest to complete is Light (hard because of how many of them must be obtained through Free Roam random encounters). As such, there are 42 total Legendary Animals.


Harriett offers access to 14 Legendary Animals (exactly one variant of each animal type) through easy-to-complete missions. She offers three of her total fourteen missions at any given time, and the three which are available is randomized and resets every two hours (real-life hours). When you select and complete each Harriett hunt, you can opt to sample or skin the animal, but not both (hence, the need to track down each animal at least twice for a complete compendium).


For the other 28 Legendary Animals, you must find them in one of three ways: (1) all 28 can be found through Free Roam chance encounters; (2) the two remaining Gators, Wolves, Elk, Bears, and Cougars can be found in Protect Legendary Animal free roam events (which of the ten you get is randomized; (3) the two remaining Rams, Panthers, Elk, and Moose can be found in Animal Tagging free roam events. However, for these last two options, free roam events only offer the ability to sample the animals, not to skin them. Thus, all 28 must be found at least once in free roam random encounters, and the Beavers, Bison, Boars, Bucks, Coyotes & Foxes, must be randomly encountered at least twice each.


There are excellent online maps available for finding exact locations for these random encounters. Unforunately, there are also plenty of details the game doesn't tell you that govern these encounters:


(1) You can only spawn one random LA encounter every 48 real-life minutes (24 in-game hours). If you've seen two within a real-life hour, it's because you stumbled onto somebody else's animal spawn by accident. When you see a yellow question mark appear on your mini-map, the animal encounter is spawned. However, it does not register as having counted until you come close enough to the animal for the question mark to turn into a yellow paw print. So, if you spawn a question mark in the zone of an animal you don't need, move immediately away from the question mark and ride off to a zone containing an animal you do need. As long as the encounter hasn't registered, your 48-minute cool-down period has not begun. Also... finding a legendary animal through Harriett or a Free Roam Event will automatically trigger the 48-minute cool-down, so don't bother looking immediately after completing these events.


(2) The likelihood of spawning an LA encounter shrinks dramatically for each extra person in your lobby. My brother and I generate solo online lobbies for ourselves and get our spawn of choice almost immediately after entering the animal's spawn zone, and it works about 60-70% of the time. However, in a fully populated lobby, you'd be lucky to spawn a single animal through several hours of searching. I highly recommend using another person to help you generate solo lobbies when hunting legendary animals.


(3) Several of the online encounters are designed such that the legenary animal will run while his compatriots will charge you, cause your horse to buck you, and allow the animal to quickly get far enough away to despawn (bad luck for you!). In particular, the animals that are notorious for this are the Winyan Bison and the Moon Beaver (in my experience, two of the hardest animals to spawn). To avoid this problem, when you get near their yellow question marks... immediately get off of your horse! You can't afford to lose those precious seconds in chasing down your quarry.


Last, believe me when I say, these animals are not an efficient source of income. There are much quicker and more lucrative income streams in the game. I only chased them all down to earn the animal outfits, complete the compendium, and to get the belt buckles for turning in 20 legendary sets (five each of the four color groupings). As such, I had to track down each animal six times, and it took months. These guys are a pain - find another way to earn money.

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