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Infinite Grenade/EMP glitch


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So this a really obscure glitch that almost nobody talks about and I couldn't find any talk of it on here hence the topic. This glitch turns the game from a 9/10 difficulty into a 4/10 difficulty.


It works for all parts of the game including the Tactical Challenges.


Basically. You can have either infinite grenades or Infinite EMPs.


How it works.


There are two ways to throw a grenade.


Stand still push triangle (Fast throw).

Moving and push triangle (slow throw).


We need to do the slow throw.


When you perform a slow throw and Sam jumps into the air. Immediately switch to the other grenade (push left or right on d-pad).


Sam will then throw the grenade you switch to... Even if you don't have any in stock.


Now there are a few catches but they're minor consisting the benefits.


If you want infinite grenades you must have at least 1 emo in stock, and if you want infinite EMPs, you need at least 1 grenade in stock.


You cannot have both infinite grenades or EMPs.


So here's an example. On tactical challenge 6. EMPs are more vital than grenades.


So in round 1 use all EMPs until you have 0.


Then switch to a grenade.


When you want to use an emp, throw the normal grenade using a slow throw. Then switch to the emp during the animation. Sam will now use an EMP even though you have 0 in stock.



This totally destroys the difficulty of TC6, it doesn't make it easy you can still die and the final round is still tough but once you get the timing down (Which should take a few attempts). You will absolutely nail TC6.


Edit: This works on all versions of the game.

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This trick worked brilliantly! What really threw me off after learning it and getting it down was to get out of following certain youtube videos that had specific timing/strats for enemies. I had to look at the big picture and be like, "These risky strategies and tactics were made with not having infinite EMPs at your disposal," and had to remember to go ham and take out enemies in ways that played more to the strength of having near infinite stun. Can confirm, the challenges don't get brain dead easy because of this, and you can still mess up and get killed easily, but this does add more accessibility to these challenges for sure.

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