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Maneater - Road Map & Trophy Guide


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Thankyou for the guide, UT, very handy.


No trophies glitches for me on ps4. Everything popped when it should.


I did boss fight after getting all areas to >95% completing all areas after defeating the boss: just to be safe.


For my build, I used bone body, tail and fin with electric teeth for the most part, couoked with the electrical charge this made all of the Apex Predators extremely easy... Hitting electrical discharge at the start of the fight, R3 lockon and mashing bite downed them all... was dreading the Orca and Whale Apex's but they didn't get a look in.


I didn't get shadow teeth till near the end and with the above build they made the boss fight easy. I didn't have to hunt fish at all during the fight. Attacking using spin and lunge, electric discharge as soon as the boats electric field was down, just focus on the cage, with tail swipe, lunge and spin attacks then do the same to the boat in the third part :)


Shadow teeth made a lot if difference :)

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