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How is this game, with the latest patch installed?


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I just beat the game. Had no idea that there were difficulty related trophies otherwise I would’ve started harder. Went on normal for all the various “collectibles” for this games: number of kills, drones, etc.


Overall I had no bad experiences on my end. A couple of the stat trackers are off on kills and locations stacking up. For instance some unlocked early (vehicle kills), some unlocked late (behemoths), and some unlocked right on time (spy drone kills). What I’m confused on is how the trophies unlock for new game+. There seems to be confusion even on the Bethesda forums.


I’m going to try a method players on PC have tried. Have a game save completely unlocked (all arks discovered and project dagger complete), change difficulty to ultra nightmare, save. Then start new game+ and see if the difficulties unlock that way. Iron Man mode doesn’t allow a save from new game+.


Overall it was a fun game. Nothing to write home about just a basic open world shooter: Farcry 5 with super powers.

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This game is going cheap and I wouldn't mind picking it up but I've read some horror stories about gamebreaking bugs and glitchy trophies so wanted to ask what the game is like with the latest patch installed :think:?


Hi, i just beat the game.

I haven't encountered glicth except the game counters.

It seems that trophies unlock right.

I had played the first one, the one for ps3.

Very beautiful both :)

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Thank you for the input guys :). Does anyone else have anything to add about the current state of this game?


If you haven’t gotten it yet; it’s fine. Got the deluxe edition a few days ago. I only really regret buying it because I rented it when it first came out and didn’t know I only had like 3 story missions yet. Haven’t started the dlc yet. No crashes or game breaking glitches.

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