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The Emperor's Wrath - Update Trophy Requirements - Missable

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So this was just brought to my attention on the Neocore Community Discussion Threads.


The ORIGINAL Trophy Description for The Emperor's Wrath trophy was:


Complete a mission at Power Rating 500 or higher.


This WAS a nearly Unmissable trophy as a Power Rating 500 mission would come naturally during story progression.



The UPDATED Trophy Description for The Emperor's Wrath trophy is:


Complete 10 Investigations on the highest difficulty.


Investigations are the main story missions and this appears to mean that we need to toggle the Difficulty Switch on 10 of the main story missions in order to obtain this trophy now.


Hope you haven't finished your two playthroughs yet or there may be one more in your future if you want the Platinum!


UPDATE (2/20/20):


I've been checking this out on the Neocore Forums and it SEEMS that the New Requirement may be nearly impossible:


The new requirement asks you to finish 10 missions on Eye of Terror Difficulty (which is 10 Levels above your character level) - and you'll likely need to do this Solo.


Now I know there are some real bada$$es out there but this will DEFINITELY raise the difficulty of this game's Platinum.


Add to that the near impossibility of finding a multiplayer game or a Cabal...


LAST UPDATE (2/21/20):


Yes, you need to now complete 10 Story Missions (Investigations) on Eye of Terror Difficulty for this trophy. I haven't earned the trophy but this verification comes from the Neocore Mods on their Community Hub.


They simply said it should be easy since you don't have limited lives on Story Missions.

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I checked the "Frozen Wasteland" Exploit, which is working pretty well on Xbox but won't on PS4, because the game isn't able to track the progress on this platform...��


just got this, easiest way for me since i already had a Crusader i simply created a new crusader and named him when asked if you wanna skip tutorial missions do so and when you click play you'll be level 5 and ready to start the relay mission.


Simply do the relay mission on easy, then the new system opens with 3 investigations, find the one named frozen wasteland and change difficulty to eye of terror. When mission starts simply head to mission objective avoiding enemies. When the mission complete pops up press the touchpad to go back to the bridge.


Simply exit to main menu and delete the character you just made, now make a new one and rinse and repeat. Takes about an hour to do all this.

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