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XP Farming Method(s) - PvZ BFN

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Hey there,


Here is my advice on xp farming.


0. You can do it all afk, just plug in your Hori Pad and trigger the shoot button on the target range and leave it on overnight. Probably will take 400h+ this way.



Do the "Bitey Bros" Quest for Space Cadet and Football Allstar until you max them out. You will have 20,000+ Tacos. Plug in a second controller and your Tacos will be duplicated, meaning you get double.



Use the Tacos to play the "Plumbing Gig" Quest over and over and over. Again plug in your second controller (or even play with an additional online person) to get double/triple Tacos. This will let you do this quest infinitely, you never run out of Tacos...


Alternatively, play the Pumpkin Quest/hunt as zombies in the woods, and let the pumpkin suicide after hitting it. This method is slow after the patch...


Hope this helps


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I have a theory...

couldn't one invite a player to a session...then switch over to the other team. Stay in Giddy park and just boost for xp there?

I just don't know if once you invite someone, they have to be stuck to you no matter what. (i'm starting to think that's the case). Otherwise maybe you can find someone friendly in the same room as you and ask for help in Giddy park.

So far all ive been doing is using the xp booster daily. In the mean time I work on other platinums. I'm just impatient sometimes.

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We found a fast method that works in giddy park but you must have 3 players doing it.


We started boosting the zombies side so 1 of us was a zombie and the other 2 picked sunflowers, we stood on the ride that goes up and down on the zombies side so we wont have any interuptions from bots.

The guys who picked the zombie killed one of us and the other sunflower revived the downed sunflower, then zombie kill the other sunflower, with this method you earn abiut 200xp per kill and the sunflower gets 55xp per revive. Every kill takes about 8 seconds... that means about 1200-1400 xp a minute and about 250 per sunflower.

We hot each other to level 10 and then switched.


Got 4 promotions to level 4 (stars) in about an hour or so (not starting from 1 of course.


Hope that helps a bit

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