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Platinum Walkthrough


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They are here 01:24

I Don't Like Surprises 02:33

But First, Let Me Take Uh... 02:44

I Better Stay Inside 03:22

I Don't Really Need To Go 05:22

Mysterious Photo 06:38

A Photo Can Tell A Thousand Words 07:05

This Is All A Bad Dream 07:37

*Gasp* You Told! 07:58

Welcome To Dayfield Motel 08:50

Interesting Concept! 09:16

Mind Your Own Business! 09:55

Nice! Uh... Poster 10:29

Be Kind Rewind 11:43

Sorry To Barge In! 12:22

Feeling Lovesick 13:01

Drink Your Sorrows Away 16:03

Are You Afraid 19:31

Stop Copying Me! 20:58

Dinner Reservation For 2 22:50

I Shoot The Sheriff 24:27

Fear Of Flying 26:25

I Hate The Subway 26:52

Lust 28:40

Kiss From A Black Rose 30:29

HA HA! Wrong! 30:30

A Tape Recorder 30:55

Mom? 32:08

Dad? & The Love Potion 34:17

Tainted Footage & Get It 37:19

Is This The Right Thing To Do? 39:27

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