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Tokyo Chronos Platinum Walkthrough


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Tokyo Chronos is a VR Mystery Visual Novel.


it's not my first guide but I was thinking to post one of my guides here.



Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10

Offline trophies: 25 (1(P),(G)7,(S)11,(B)6)

Online trophies: 0

Approximate amount of time to platinum: 3+ Hours

Minimum number of playthroughs: 1

Number of missable trophies: 0

Glitched trophies: 0

Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty options







To Unlock the Platinum fast choose all the Left choices first then choose the right choices


in any chapter choose the Left choice first and you will earn the trophy at the end of the chapters, Automatically the game return to the main menu, choose to continue then choose the right choice so the game complete normally.


Speed Text




Complete Chapter 1

7:45 Story related and cannot be missed



Complete Chapter 2

25:11 Story related and cannot be missed



Complete Chapter 3

34:01 Story related and cannot be missed



Complete Chapter 4

45:20 choose Left first (Ending Youdunit) Gold Trophy

continue to choose Right 53:47



Complete Chapter 5




Complete Chapter 6




Complete Chapter 7



I am dead. Who killed me?

Complete Chapter Re: 1

1:24:18 - you will earn the trophy at the end of the chapter Re:1 1:29:47


What I want is

Complete Chapter Re: 2

1:40:46 choose left first (Ending She and Yuria

) then continue to choose right 1:50:51


But I need to change

Complete Chapter Re: 3

choose left first 2:00:50 (Ending She and Tetsu

) then continue to choose right 2:06:44


We grew up like we were family

Complete Chapter Re: 4



In fact, I knew

Complete Chapter Re: 5

choose left first 2:32:58 (Ending She and Ai

) then continue to choose right 2:38:24


I'm gonna save you

Complete Chapter Re: 6

choose left first 2:45:29 (Ending She and Sota

) then continue to choose right 2:49:47


What I was born for

Complete Chapter Re: 7




Complete Chapter Re: 8

''Kill yourself !! 3:10:35


And the killer is

Complete Chapter Re: 9




Complete Chapter Re: 10




Complete Chapter A

Chapter 4 the left Choice 45:20


She and Yuria

Complete Chapter B

Chapter Re: 2 Left choice 1:41:25


She and Tetsu

Complete Chapter C

Chapter Re: 3 the left choice 2:00:53


She and Ai

Complete Chapter D

Chapter Re: 5 left choice 2:33:06


She and Sota

Complete Chapter E

Chapter Re: 6 left choice 2:45:30


I just want to gaze at the sky

Complete all chapters in Tokyo Chronos

you will earn the trophy at the end of the game



With You in Still Shibuya

Play Virtual Figure mode

main menu 3:30:34


Our Story

Earn every trophy in Tokyo Chronos




I hope you understand my guide (my native language is Arabic ).

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