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2.0 Update and Trophies

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The good news is that multiplayer will be easier with the ability to start missions with less than four players, but I am wondering how the upcoming update might affect other trophies.


Like Efficient Operative will be much trickier for a low level player if they don't want to wait till they are stronger.


However, Hunter of Hunters and The Emperor's Wrath are tied to Power Ratings which I recall is supposed to be on the outs with the massive update. Anyone familiar with the PC version know if the changes made those easier or harder? At the very least I'm hoping however the boss kills are tracked doesn't get reset.


Overall, I'm looking forward to the update, just a few nagging questions linger.

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Posted this in the Efficient Operative thread, but thread seemed a bit old -


I got both Perfect Record & Efficient Operative without doing pretty much anything...


All I did was talk to the Astropath and selected Random Assignment. I changed the difficulty to Impossible, then it had me choose an action - each with a different, small cost - so I chose the most expensive one (only about 1150) and once I chose it both trophies just popped.


No mission played, no map screen, no power rating, no nothing...just *bling* Perfect Record and then *bling* Efficient Operative.


It's probably a patch "problem", might work for other folks out there too.

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