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Cross save question


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How do you cross save in this? I hit level 30 and got all trials in vita version, but couldn't figure out how to import that to ps3. I tried resetting save data on ps3, but it didn't do anything. I tried it on vita, and it looked like my data was imported to vita overwriting my level 30. Now that I'm level 30 again, I'm trying to figure out how to transfer that to ps3. Is anyone able to help?


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Figured it out.

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Edit: Figured it out.


Dude don't do this man... it would be helpful and make this thread more relevant if you did mention HOW to actually do it. I have no clue, and probably a few others who are about to venture in this game... so it would be helpful if you gave peeps here tips...


... I do have a feeling that I might be the one to do that later on... (sigh) let's avoid orphaned threads like these...

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