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Access Denied Platinum Walkthrough


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Access Denied

Platinum Walk-through


Access Denied is a Puzzle game consisting of 36 Levels, each different types of cubes with the idea of unlocking each cube to move onto the next level.

The game itself is easy and there is no randomness to the puzzles therefore the solutions stay the same.


Below is a platinum walk-through guide to get you the platinum trophy as quick as possible, I would say this should take you 45-60mins


Guide Key:

When I say rotate right or left I mean use the relevant trigger button.

So rotate right means R Trigger, Left means left trigger.

When there is rows of lights I do my best to explain which light you have to click with mentioning the row itself (Top, Middle or bottom) and each button from the left being number 1

I.E Top 1, is the first button on the top row, Bottom 3 is 3rd button on bottom row.

For anything directional

U = Up

L = Left

D = Down

R = Right


Puzzle 1

Flip all 4 purple switches on the side of the box

(S) TROPHY – First Step

Press Start Replay puzzle 1 but wait over 3 minutes

(G) TROPHY – It was hard (Spend 3 Minutes on a puzzle)

(G) TROPHY – One More Time


Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 will load wait until the skip button meter is filled (2-3Mins) then press O to skip

(S) TROPHY – I Have Tried

Reload level 2

Rotate all 3 dials on the side to the purple marker


Puzzle 3

Move each slider to show relevant number

Yellow Slider = 8

Red Slider = 2

Blue Slider = 5



Puzzle 4

Complete Maze: press the arrow buttons in the following order



Puzzle 5

Make 55 by pressing the following buttons



Puzzle 6

Drag a Yellow square to top Left

Drag a Blue square to top right

Drag a Yellow square to bottom Right

Drag a Blue square to bottom left


(G) TROPHY – Sixth Level


Puzzle 7

Light up all yellow squares

Click on the horizontal blue buttons 1 & 6 (Left to right)

Click on the Vertical blue buttons 3 & 5 (Top to Bottom Including button with circular arrow)


Puzzle 8

Collect yellow star




Puzzle 9

Match the start and end points of each colour on each graph

Rotate Right, Click Right Button x5

Rotate Right, Click Right Button x4

Rotate Right, Click Right Button x2


Puzzle 10

Move vertical sliders

From left to right, Left most being number 1

Slider 1 – Leave

Slider 2 – Up x2

Slider 3 – Up x4

Slider 4 – Up x3

Slider 5 – Up x1

Slider 6 – Top



Puzzle 11

Flip correct purple switch

From left to right

3rd Switch on top row

1st, 2nd & 4th on bottom row



Puzzle 12

Move Slider to specific number

Red Slider = 12

Blue Slider = 15

Yellow Slider = 02



Puzzle 13

Click purple octagon shapes

From top to bottom (1 being the top) press in this order


(G)TROPHY – MittelSpiel


Puzzle 14

Move sliders to specific number

Red/Purple Slider = <blank> (9)

Blue Slider = <Blank> (5)

Yellow Slider = <Blank> (7)


Rotate box and switch on any

9 Purple Switches

5 Blue Switches

7 Yellow Switches


Puzzle 15

Connect Purple Battery icon, to Yellow Arrow and Blue Arrow on left hand side of board

Connect Yellow Arrow to Blue Arrow on Right hand side of Board


(G)TROPHY – Short Circuit

Connect Purple battery icon to the two purple switches on the left, yellow and blue arrows in the centre

Connect the yellow arrow to the yellow switch

Connect the blue arrow to the blue switch



Puzzle 16

Rotate Right


3 Purple Switches

4 Blue Switches

2 Yellow Switches



Puzzle 17

Rotate to safe Dial (Like a Clock Face):

Rotate inner dial to 7 O’clock

Rotate Outer Dial to 5 O’clock.



Rotate to Sliders and slide the following:

Top x7

Middle x2

Bottom Slider x5



Rotate to Purple Switches and switch on the following:

Top Row 1 & 3

Middle Row 2

Bottom Row 1 & 3



Rotate to Circuit Board and connect the following

Yellow battery to top and middle yellow switch

Purple battery to bottom and top purple switch



Puzzle 18

Rotate Right Once, move yellow squares to make a rectangle with the red squares


Rotate Right Once, move yellow boxes to make two smaller rectangles


Rotate Right Once, move yellow boxes to make the letters IO


(G) TROPHY – Half Levels


Puzzle 19

This is like a match 2 game, if you zoom in and click a button you will see a symbol, now just find the other matching symbol, the matching symbol could be on another side

(G) TROPHY – Turn On/Off (Toggle 100 Switches)*

It may pop before or after but if you haven’t got it naturally by this point then just keep flipping switches until it pops.


Puzzle 20

On Slider side

• Yellow Slider = 2

• Blue Slider = 5

• Purple Slider = 8


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Puzzle 21

Rotate to side with number buttons, press 6,2,7,4


Rotate left to side with 20 buttons in a grid

• 1st row switch on buttons 1 & 4

• 2nd row switch on button 3

• 3rd row switch on button 4

• 4th row switch on buttons 1 & 5



Puzzle 22

Swap the yellow cubes with the blue cubes




Puzzle 23

Rotate, connect purple battery to yellow arrow, connect yellow arrow to yellow switch



Rotate, complete the maze collecting all the stars



Rotate, erase previous connection and connect purple battery to blue arrow, connect blue arrow to blue switch



Rotate, complete the maze collecting all the stars



Puzzle 24

Match the symbols (T=Top Row, M=Middle Row, B=Bottom Row, numbered from left to right starting at 1 for each row)

• T1 & B3

• T2 & M3

• T3 & B2

• T4 & M1

• M2 & B4

• M4 & B1



Rotate to slider side with 4 symbols above each slider, move slider to following positions

• Yellow Slider = 5

• Blue Slider = 4

• Purple Slider = 2



Rotate to slider with single coloured symbol on the right

• Move yellow symbol slider x4

• Move Purple symbol slider x1

• Move blue symbol slider x3



Rotate to side with purple symbol switches, switch on the following

• T1

• M2 & M3



Puzzle 25

Switch on the following purple switches

• T1, M1,M2,B2


(G) TROPHY – Endspiel


Puzzle 26

Rotate left, switch on the following switches

• Purple 1 & 4

• Blue 2

• Yellow 3



Rotate Right, switch on the following switches

• Yellow 3 & 2

• Blue 7

• Purple 2



Rotate right to sliders, move slider to the relevant number

• Yellow = 08

• Purple = 07

• Blue = 09



Puzzle 27

Rotate to the side with two purple buttons at the bottom

• Press left purple button x6, Right Button x1

• Press left purple button x8, Right Button x1

• Press left purple button x4, Right Button x1


Puzzle 28

Rotate to safe dial, think of this like a clock face and turn the dials to the following

• outer dial to 7 O’ Clock

• Inner dial to 4 O’ Clock



Puzzle 29

• Rotate to safe dial, turn the dial to 3 O’ Clock

• Rotate to Sliders and move Top slider position 7, Middle Slider position 2


• Rotate to Safe Dial, turn the dial to 11 O’ Clock

• Rotate to sliders and move bottom slider position 7, Top Slider position 4, Middle position 2


• Rotate to safe Dial, turn dial to 7 O’ Clock

• Rotate to Sliders and move Top slider to position 0, Middle Slider to position 6, bottom to position 7



Puzzle 30

• Leave the first face as it is

• Rotate Right, Move the two centre left blue squares to the left, move the right centre blue squares to the right



• Rotate right, move each of the 4 blue squares to the 4 corners



• Rotate right, move top two blue squares up, move bottom two blue squares down



(G) TROPHY – Thirty Levels


Puzzle 31

Flip the following purple switches (from left to right)

• 1,2,4,5,6



Puzzle 32

Rotate to circuit board with one battery and connect like the following



Rotate to the side with blue buttons, hit the purple button at the bottom when the light is on the 2nd button on the bottom row



Rotate to other circuit board (2 Batteries) and connect like the following



Rotate to the side with yellow buttons, hit the purple button when the light is on the 3rd button on the middle row



Puzzle 33

Rotate Right to the side that has a symbol shown in the white section at the top of the box, then set the symbols to the following

• Side with symbol on the white set to (right arrow x1)



• Rotate left and set symbol to (right arrow x1)



• Rotate left and set symbol to (right arrow x1)



• Rotate left and set symbol to (right arrow x2)



Puzzle 34

• Rotate left to first safe dial, set dial to 5 O’ Clock



• Rotate left to next safe dial, set dial to 3 O’ Clock



• Rotate left to next safe dial, set dial to 9 O’ Clock



Puzzle 35

• Rotate to yellow only dial and set to



• Rotate to blue only dial and set to



• Rotate to purple only dial set to



Puzzle 36

Rotate to the right, click the bottom left corner of the square surround



(G) TROPHY – All Levels

(G) TROPHY – Last Step

(P) PLATINUM – Platinum Hacker

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Thank you for the guide. I did find the rotation instructions a little confusing as to me ‘rotate right’ means spin the item to the right, rather than press the right rotation button.


I did notice that the descriptions for part of puzzle 24 have been transposed, the description of ‘rotate to slider side with 4 symbols’ belongs to next part of the puzzle and this ones description belongs on the upper one.

It's probably clearer in the attachment.


BTW are there any in-game clues for the later puzzles or were the solutions just trial and error?

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