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Portal Knights Tricks and Tips

Ant 2014

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Here are some tricks and tips to help get some of the trophies easier.


When first starting set the world size to as large as it can go. This will give you more room to explore and when there is an event quest for a specific world it will allow more event monsters to spawn without making you port out and back in to respawn the monsters.


Craft an Arcane Compass from a Workbench I to find portals quicker.


Putting the blocks into the portal will unlock the next world without needing to travel to it through the portal. This is useful in worlds with multiple portals in them as you don't have to leave the world and then enter the world again to connect the remaining portals.


Using item duplication you can get as many items as you need of items which you already own. To do this you need one other account to pick up the items which you need.


Backup the Portal Knights data to USB or PS Plus cloud save

Reload the game adding the extra player in local play

Trade the items needed to the extra player and then have the player exit the game

Close the application using the PS button on the controller

Download the saved game data from USB

Load the game with the extra player to trade the items back

Repeat these steps if you need more items




Defeat the Worm Boss without defeating any Small Worm


The Ancient Worm is Located in Worm Pit world and the portal must be unlocked by a specific portal key. The key icon shows which world the key quest is located on the world map. The world with the portal key and the portal itself may be on different worlds. The portal will have a distinctive look and can be located by using the Arcane Compass.


The boss fight has 3 phases to begin the fight attack the worm tail which looks like a large maggot.


Phase 1 is fairly simple just avoid the spit attacks move to the side or simply run around the outer edge nonstop.


Phase 2 the boss' tail will then appear which will look like a large worm or maggot creature along with some small worms all which will remain stationary. Run over and attack only the tail which will cause the boss to fall to the ground.


Phase 3 move to attack the head which will now be on the ground for a short time after which phase 1 begins again.


Repeat this process and avoid killing any of the small worms until the boss is defeated.




Defeat the Dragon Boss with 5 Saurion Fighters alive


The Dragon Queen is Located in Dragon's Lair world and the portal must be unlocked by a specific portal key. The key icon shows which world the key quest is located on the world map. The world with the portal key and the portal itself may be on different worlds. The portal will have a distinctive look and can be located by using the Arcane Compass.


The boss fight has 2 phases to begin the fight attack the dragon egg.


Phase 1 the dragon will fire eggs at you from the air. Avoid the eggs before they land as they will damage you. You must then line up behind the egg inline with the dragon and attack the egg. This will send the egg flying towards the dragon. Once hit the dragon will fall.


Phase 2 move to attack the head which will now be on the ground for a short time after which phase 1 will begin again. The remaining dragon eggs on the ground will now spawn a Saurion Fighter.


You must have all five Saurion Fighters spawned before you defeat the boss as the eggs will not hatch after defeat. This means you need to complete both phase 1 and 2 with all 5 Saurion Fighters already spawned. Plan out how much damage you can deal to the boss per round and try to get the minimum number of eggs to spawn each round.


For example if you need 3 rounds to defeat the boss leave 2 eggs on the ground for the first round and then 3 eggs on the ground during the second round. If you haven't killed any of the Saurion Fighters during the fight then by the final round you will have 5 Saurion Fighters spawned and the boss can be defeated.


If the damage by the Suarion Fighters is too high to withstand during the final round at your current level come back at level 30 since the boss is fixed at level 20.



Can't Touch This

Defeat the Hollow King Boss without taking damage


The Hollow King is Located in World's End world and the portal must be unlocked by a specific portal key. The key icon shows which world the key quest is located on the world map. The world with the portal key and the portal itself may be on different worlds. The portal will have a distinctive look and can be located by using the Arcane Compass.


The boss fight has 2 phases to begin the fight attack a floating crystal.


Phase 1 begins with a fast moving spin attack towards you all the way across the platform if necessary. Once he stops spinning he will shoot a volley of orbs towards you which deal massive damage. After the boss shots 3 volleys he will then start the phase again starting with the spin attack. This continues until the floating crystals have been destroyed causing the boss to fall.


Phase 2 move to attack the boss while he is on the ground and after a short while phase 1 will begin again with a fast moving spin attack.


To avoid the fast moving spin attack you need to be along the outer edge of the platform and with the boss targeted, L2 button, you need to dodge out of the way, X button and left stick, moving along the very edge of the platform, you can't fall off the platform so don't worry about that. Dodging the attack is not easy but can be done with a bit of practice and by mashing the x button constantly.


You can also use a swiftness potion to move quick enough to move out of the way the first time but the potion cooldown is too slow to allow a second use if the floating crystals are not destroyed during the first 3 volleys.


The volley attack can be avoided by moving aside while destroying the final crystals. Once all the crystals are destroyed the boss can be attacked immeadately. If timed properly the boss will be spinning towards you and close to hitting you when you defeat the final crystal so you don't have to move far to begin attacking him.


YouTube videos for this trophy exist if you need a visual reference.


I did the following

warrior at level 30.

Fist weapon with the light attribute dropped by the Hollow King.

20% damage increasing shout and the use of shout increasing talents

Armor which increased my critical strike damage and critical strike chance which I obtained from the final zone upgrade station after the defeat of the Hollow King.

Flask of increased melee damage and potion of swiftness


I got behind the first crystal, use one on the ends, then drank the flask and then used my shout and attacked the crystal and destroyed it.


The boss begins to spin towards you then use a hotkey for the swiftness potion moving in a large circle around him and then towards crystal in the middle.


Using a shout again at the second crystal and moving out of the way of the first volley and destroying the crystal before the second volley and moving my way to the final crystal.


Then attacking the crystal avoid the third volley and destroy the crystal while the boss is spinning towards you.


The boss can be defeated in a single damage round with a light attribute 190 damage weapon, damage flask, damage increasing shout.




Mine 53596 Blocks


These blocks must be mined with a tool or by hand you cannot use explosives to mine the blocks. A titanium drill is the best tool to use while mining and good place to mine is the event world Tomb of C'Thiris as the world outside of the dungeon area is all dirt with a depth of about 100 blocks. See Dedicated Knight below for how to enter Tomb of C'thiris.



Down the Rabbit Hole

Collect and equip the complete Rabbit Armor and eat a carrot


The Rabbit Armor has 4 peices crafted from a Workbench II after being learned from a recipe. All recipes are drops from monsters in the world.


Fluffy's Wits recipe from Harrold (target dummy) in Squire's Knoll

Fluffy's Strength recipe from Ancient Worm in Worm Pit

Fluffy's Courage recipe from Dragon Queen in Dragon's Lair

Fluffy's Speed recipe from Hollow King in World's End



On the other side...

Visit the Ghostworld


The Ghostworld is entered through an event quest called Mysterious Portal. Locate the portal during the event quest insert 6 portal blocks to activate the portal and enter.

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Dedicated Knight

Complete 200 Event Quests


This is the most time consuming to achieve as most events are limited by when they are offered. Events can be viewed on the world map, triangle button then use R1 button to select the far right tab. This shows all events currently offered, some once completed will still remain if they have a vendor or some world tied to the event.


The more worlds you have unlocked the more chances events will appear.


The quickest method to get an event to occur is to advance the system clock under the Time and Date settings under the System settings in the PS XMB. I advanced the time by a hour and an event would almost always appear, if not just advance the clock by another hour. You don't need to close down the game to advance the time and get an event to happen. Using this method you should be able to clear 10 to 15 events every hour, depending on what events occur.


If you do advance the clock you cannot rewind or turn the clock back to get extra time or events to occur.


Another method, less efficient, is by a player triggered event. Three heroic boss fights and the Tomb of C'thiris all count as events and can be spawned by using a player crafted item. Using these items means you can grind events nonstop if needed.


If you wish to do a player triggered event I recommend the Tomb of C'Thiris event as this spawns near the player level and can be completed while leveling up and avoiding fighting all but the final boss.


The C'Thiris Tesseract, which is needed to start the event can be crafted at an Alchemy Table IV with 10 Stone Blocks and 1 Energy Crystal but takes 5 minutes. I recommend using the item duplication method to make a large amount of these. I used about 50 to help fill in the time during which no other events were offered.


To complete the event you need to explore the dungeon, which is quite large, looking for a large ghost skull which needs to be defeated. There is a curse meter on left side of the screen which fills every time you get hit with a cursed attack from the monsters. Once filled you will be hit with a large amount of damage which resets the curse meter.


Once the event is completed the world will no longer be accessible once the player leaves. You can remain in the world as long as you wish to fight the monsters or mine dirt even if you don't complete the event or the event timer runs out.


To respawn the world you need to exit to another world and then use another C'Thiris Tesseract. If you try to use one while in a completed Tomb of C'Thiris world it will cause a bug to occur. The world will then be accessible and the boss will spawn but the curse bar will be missing and the quest will not be completed correctly and the world will remain for the full 6 hours locking you out of running these events for the remaining time.


To speed up completion of the Tomb of C'Thiris I ran past all the monsters while searching the dungeon following the right hand wall or path for the most part and using heal potions as required. Using a warrior with a larger health pool and high defensive armor helped make this viable.

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More tips:


- Choose one world as your home and build everything there. This way whenever you need to craft or upgrade something you can just teleport to home world and everything will be in one place. Also if you're going to use world regeneration exploit for events trophy and don't want to lose all your hard earned stuff, buy a vacant island from one of the shops in the game and put all your stuff there. It will not be affected.


- As soon as you can, build some chests and start hoarding all materials you come across (except dirt and plant seeds) because your inventory will fill up pretty fast. Keep building chests as needed and upgrade them for more space. A lot of those materials will eventually be required for upgrades and quests and you won't have to search for them or will at least have a good head start.


- Don't throw away your old equipment and weapons. Store it in chests and you can use it later during some missions where characters will ask you to build equipment and weapons for them.


- When crafting you can keep pressing X to put multiple items in building queue and pick them all up once they're done. I only found out about this at the very end :(


- To keep easier track of Workbenching trophy, build a workbench right next to the spawn point on every new island you travel to. This way if you manage to lose track of where you forgot to put a workbench, you can teleport and immediately see if that island has one or not.

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