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The trophy list for this game has two mistakes.


1. "Only War" has the description from the trophy "The Emperor's Wrath". The description should read: "Reach Inquisitorial Rank 50 and complete a mission in a Warzone."


2. The trophy "The Emperor's Wrath" is not on the trophy list. The description for it should read: "Complete a mission at Power Rating 500 or higher."


I know this game is not popular but its been bothering me since I noticed it.. :whistle:

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I'll fix this in a bit but in future if you find an error with a main site trophy list, please post about it here: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/feedback/22009-found-problem-trophy-list-let-us-know-here.html so the problem can be fixed ASAP :).

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