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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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Got the mvp trophy, my recommendation is doing the racing. I had the most luck with those. Especially if you get the point to point races. I unfortunately never want to ever to do those ever again because they are a pain. Absolutely doable though, especially once people start dropping after getting the trophy.


Fellow forum members and I will be boosting the All's Fair trophy tomorrow (hopefully)






congrats in advance. Once us 4 get the trophy and I clean up all of them except the 5 horse, camp upgrade, and lvl 50 trophies I'll be going back to SP. Good luck on your hunts everyone.

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Looking for a boost on all's fair... nobody does free roam missions and sometimes the free roam missions bug and don't trigger. so


PSN: sigma779


usually will be on 5-10PM est. probably late on Sat


EDIT=Finished. I'd love to help more people, but the event quest are buggy, and it took an hour and half to get it for the 3 of us.

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