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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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I need help with this one and I don't know if this is even boostable:


Real Deal:

achieve mvp 3 times in around of at least 4 players


PSN ID: Snakemaru

Managed to get 1 MVP on horse race. Will attempt this again after I renewed my PSPlus or another free mp weekend by Rockstar.


Last update: Got all online trophies except the level 50 one. Will grind it this weekend.

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Hi I'm keen to get the real deal out of the way. I keep failing to get it competitively so if a group can join up this weekend perhaps, I'd love to get it out of the way on the road to lv50.



UK gamer. 


Edit I've got it. It really is easiest to do Hostile Territories and just run into a capture point and stay there. No need to boost but it can take a long time to get the right game type. 

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Sup Guys

I have begun Red Dead Online and trying to tackle the Posse Up and Strength in Numbers trophies (dont have a posse) , and All fairs. Would also be keen to boost the The Real Deal Trophy (if its really possible).

Would really appreciate your guys help with those 4 trophies


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Edit: Got Alls Fair today with blackset. 

Looking to boost All’s Fair and willing to help with the other posse related trophies if needed. Shoot me a friend request or IM.

PSN: SandaClaws 


I’m available weekdays 19:00-24:00 PST (3:00-8:00 GMT) and flexible weekends. I’ll try to edit this post once complete, happy hunting!



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EDIT: Got it with Peteritsas and also the platinum, thank you. What a crazy platinum!

If someone wants help boosting, I can jump onto the server. The counter-posse mechanism seems buggy, so some patience is required.



I'm looking to boost All’s Fair.

Find me on PSN: Astro_CV. I'll be happy to help anyone out with said trophy even if I have it myself. 


I’m available weekdays 18:00-24:00 CET (17:00-23:00 GMT) and flexible weekends. I’ll edit this post once complete, 



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Got it
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