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Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!)


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I finished all the story trophies & basically just starting the Online & would especially like to boost: "The Real Deal & All's Fair".

Would definitely like to organize a group to boost these & take turns for everyone to get these pain trophies done.


Though I'll gladly continue to grind after with anyone that wants to make the online portion more enjoyable.


PSN: MdMaynard

Time Zone: -8.0 PDT

On most days right now generally anytime between 12pm to 9pm

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Hi all,


Just the one online trophy left and then the gold medals one before finishing RDR2 off.


PSN ID: Chickstick

Trophy to boost: All's Fair

Timezone: BST/GMT +1 (UK)


Happy to help out with "Strength In Numbers" too if anyone wants a boost with that one.

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EDIT: Gotten some friend requests that were blank, should've been a bit more clear on things, but I'm solely looking to boost the MVP trophy, though I have no clue as to how to go about this. If anyone is boosting and needs a fourth or has a surefire way to boost this, please let me know, would love to assist.


PSN: Creasy007

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