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Red Dead Redemption II | General Questions, Lore, Secrets etc. Discussion Thread


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Hi I thought I'd make a thread for any general questions about RD2 people may have. If you have any general questions about the game, lore, characters, any secrets/treasures, hunting/weapons/general tips, etc you can post them here. Or if you took a nice photo in the game and want to show it off, you could also post it here :)


As always, if you're going to post something you consider spoilers, please use spoiler tags (If someone could write the tags, it'd be appreciated as I've forgotten how).




I'll start:


1) if someone owns the special/ultimate editions, is the extra content (especially the SP bank robbery and gang hideout) worth it? Are they any good and how long are they (mins)? What are the rewards?


2) if you preordered before end of July/August you got a bonus treasure map you could use to find treasure, is it any good? And could you possibly share the map?


3) this is a silly question but are you going to name your horse? If yes, what's its name?

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Is there actually a feature in the game where you can name your horse? Or is this just people wanting to nickname their horse for fun but not in-game?


Either way, I have no interest in naming my horse. :p


Can't wait to pick up my Ultimate Edition though! I was at my local EB today, and they told me that the Collector's Box is very small though, way smaller than BO4's Mystery Box.

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Never did take advantage of horse naming in Breath of the Wild :think: Then again, I hardly rode horses in that game haha. Now my default horse is Epona, which I got from an Amiibo. But what's the use of a horse when you have a freakin' motorcycle!!! :dance:


I could name my horse after my old dog Wilson, who passed away a year ago on November 1st (so we're almost at one year :( ). To honor him. But I'm afraid how I'd react if Wilson the horse dies :pout: I'll probably name my horse after my new dog Boomer. That doggo is crazy!

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